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DeWitt Albright: These big companies, don't give a damn, do they? [writes on a business card] If you need a job, drop by this address at seven tonight.
Easy Rawlins: What kind of work you do?
DeWitt Albright: I do favors... I do favors for friends. Drop by. [leaves]
Easy Rawlins: Who the hell is that, Joppy?
Joppy: Just somebody I know... A bidnessman.
Easy Rawlins: What kinda business?
Joppy: Oh, I don't ask him all that. He comes in here every so often looking for somebody to do a little job for him... He pays good.
Easy Rawlins: In other words, he's a gangster.
Joppy: I didn't say that... But if there's a dollar laying in the street I don't think he'll let a little dirt stop him from picking it up. If you worried about making that house note this month, maybe you wanna pay him a call. All them pretty girls you be with ain't gonna buy you a house. Sound like he just wants you to keep your eyes open for somebody...He'll pay you whether you see anything or not. If it was me I'd take that man's money and go on about my bidness... Ain't nothin' to worry about.
Easy Rawlins: [voiceover] When somebody tells me "Don't worry," I usually look down to see if my fly is open... I noticed Albright didn't bother to pay for his drink. DeWitt Albright reminded me of somebody I knew back in Houston. His name was Raymond Alexander but we called him Mouse... Mouse called hisself a businessman too. And I found out that I shouldn't be nowhere around when Mouse got down to his business... I learned that the hard way.
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