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Easy Rawlins quotes

View Quote [voiceover] I had moved to Los Angeles right after the war with three hundred dollars and the G.I. Bill... And I liked coming home to a place that was mine. According to President Truman I had that comin' to me 'cause I had fought in 'the good war' against Hitler in Europe. But that didn't mean a damn thing to a lotta white folks, including the foreman on my job. So, here I was out of work needin' thirty-two dollars to pay the mortgage. That was three days pay on my old job—and I had about three days to get it.
View Quote [voiceover] It occurred to me that Coretta had found out a lot more about what I was up to than I had wanted her to. But I had found out that the rich man's woman had a colored boyfriend. It had cost me a sawbuck to get Coretta to give me that information. Well, let's just say somethin' had cost me ten dollars.
View Quote [voiceover] It was actually looking more and more like I might not make it through this little adventure I was having. But I was likin' the chill in my blood, and the freedom of working on my own. There were times in the war when I had felt like this. When life or death where the only two choices. That made it simple. And that was alright by me.
View Quote [voiceover] I'd been thinking about Daphne, too...wondering if she meant what she said about what could have happened between us. But at the moment I was wondering if there was any such thing as a sprained chin. But other than that and a headache, a loose tooth and a kidney that a doctor would need to look at, I felt like five thousand, three hundred dollars. And unless Albright was alive somewhere, that feelin' was gonna last a while.
View Quote [voiceover] It scared me to think about a world that could kill a man like DeWitt Albright. What could a world like that do to me?
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