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Desperaux, The Tale of

Desperaux, The Tale of quotes

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View Quote Botticelli: You don't need to be afraid. I know it's dark, but you'll get used to it.
Roscuro: W--Who... who are you?
Botticelli: Just a rat, like you. Come with me.
View Quote Despereaux: [reads the page] "Once upon a time". That's great, isn't it? "Upon a time"? And they don't even tell you what time that is yet. It's like you have to find that out.
Furlough: You're not supposed to read it, Despereaux. You're supposed to eat it. [hands the ripped page to Despereaux] Good. I'll come back in an hour. [Despereaux reads the page again] And no reading! It's a rule.
View Quote Despereaux: So, you're a gentleman.
Roscuro: [turns to Despereaux] Tell me that story... about the princess. Tell me what she looked like.
Despereaux: Well, she was...
Roscuro: Was she angry?
Despereaux: No. No, not at all. Her heart was full of... longing.
Roscuro: What's longing?
Narrator: And that's how a friendship is born. Over the next few weeks, he told Roscuro everything he knew about loyalty and honor and chivalry and courage. He told him about the princess, and where her longing came from. That she missed the rain, and the soup, and even the rats.
Roscuro: Even the rats?
Narrator: He told him about their code of honor, about his noble quest, about duty and loyalty. And there, in the darkness of the cellar, two knights pledged devotion to a princess who was trapped inside a castle. Trapped in a life full of pain and longing. Even if no one could tell.
View Quote The Queen: This is...
Roscuro: Whoa!
The Queen: ...absolutely... [Roscuro lands into the Queen's soup. Both she and André looked] Oh, it moved! My soup moved!
André: No, it... It did not move.
Roscuro: [emerges from the soup] Oh, Your Highness.
The Queen: [screams]
The King: Darling?
The Queen: Oh! A rat! There's a rat in my soup!
Roscuro: Madam, I know this is unfortunate. And I know that while on first glance, I might...
The Queen: A rat! In my soup!
Roscuro: No. Please. Shh, shh, shh.
The Queen: And I ate it!
Roscuro: Your Highness, hold on... [the Queen gags and dunks her face into the soup] Uh-oh. [jumps out of the soup]
View Quote Town Crier: From this moment on, soup, the making of soup, the selling of soup, or the eating of soup, is hereby outlawed in the kingdom of Dor! Rats are to be considered illegal as well and are hereby deemed unlawful creatures in the kingdom of Dor! From this moment on, anyone harboring, sheltering or possessing a rat in any way, shall face the full wrath of the law!
View Quote [first lines]
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a brave, little mouse who loved honor and justice and always told the truth.
[Camera zooms in and we see a rat named Roscuro]
Narrator: No, that's not him. [Roscuro yawns] That's a rat. And anyone who knows anything, knows there is a big difference between a mouse and a rat. [Roscuro climbs on a barrel and looks at the sun] First of all, rats hate the light. They spend their lives in the darkness. They're also terrified of people, which is why they slink and cower all the time. [Roscuro goes near of a sailor named Pietro] And as far as telling the truth as concerned, well, that is impossible, because as everyone knows...
Roscuro: [clears his throat]
Narrator: ...a rat can't talk.
Roscuro: [begins to talk] Tell me that thing again, please.
Pietro: Come on!
Roscuro: Just once, I promise. Tell me one more time and I won't ask you ever again, I swear.
Pietro: Fine. We are headed to Dor, one of the most magical places in the whole world.
Roscuro: No, that's not what you said before. You know, every place has something special, and in Dor, it's the soup!
Sailor: Land, ho!
View Quote [last lines]
Narrator: So, you could call all of this a big misunderstanding if you wanted to. A king was hurt, so he hurt a rat. And a rat was hurt, so he hurt a princess. And a princess was hurt, so she hurt a servant girl without even meaning to do it. And that servant had been hurting for so long, that almost nothing could make her feel better. But was it a mistake, or was it just good luck? Because the servant girl went back to her farm. And the jailer finally found his princess. And the king found something stronger than grief. And the mice finally got rid of their fear. And the people of Dor lived side-by-side with their rats...all except one, who went back to sea and felt a cool breeze each morning, and the sun on his face every afternoon. And we'd tell you that they all lived happily ever after, but...what fun is that?