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Déjà Vu (2006)

Déjà Vu (2006) quotes

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Agent Doug Carlin
Carroll Oerstadt

View Quote Okay, what's coming? You tell me. Mr. Kuchever: Agent Carlin?
Doug Carlin: Doug.
Mr. Kuchever: I want you to take these. [hands over pictures of Claire Kuchever]
Doug Carlin: Well, that's...
Mr. Kuchever: Just go through them when you get a chance.
Doug Carlin: It's really not necessary.
Mr. Kuchever: Yes, it is. See, I know how these things go, Agent Carlin. And I need her to matter to you.
View Quote For all of my career, I've been trying to catch people after they do something horrible. For once in my life, I'd like to catch somebody before they do something horrible.
View Quote It wasn't supposed to be like this...
View Quote What if you had to tell someone the most important thing in the world, but you knew they'd never believe you?
View Quote Carroll Oerstadt: You think you know what's coming? You don't have a clue.
Doug Carlin: I know where you're going. I know you're gonna be away for a long time. I know that.
Carroll Oerstadt: This case will never even go to trial.
Doug Carlin: No?
Carroll Oerstadt: 'Cause I seen what's coming.
Doug Carlin: Did... Have you? What? What is in this glass? You've seen what's coming, huh? Okay, what's coming? You tell me.
Carroll Oerstadt: I told you earlier I have a destiny, a purpose. Satan reasons like man, but God thinks of eternity. Well, I prostrate myself before a world that's going to hell in a handbag, 'cause in all eternity, I am here and I will be remembered. That's destiny. A bomb has a destiny, a predetermined fate set by the hand of its creator, and anyone who tries to alter that destiny will be destroyed. Anyone who tries to stop it from happening will cause it to happen, and that's what you don't understand. We're not here to coexist. I'm here to win. So you'd better have some divine intervention, buddy. You're gonna need it.
Doug Carlin: You'd better have some K-Y. You're gonna need it.
View Quote Doug Carlin: Is she alive or is she dead?
Alexander Denny: Alright: Life, like time and space, is not merely a local phenomenon.
Doug Carlin: [Screaming] Oh alright! Am I asking a hard question?
Alexander Denny: [Muttering] Looks like I picked a bad week to stop snorting hash.
Doug Carlin: I'll tell you what: I will speak slow so that those of you with Ph.D's in the room can understand. Here, look. Here's a monitor, right?
[Throws a chair against the monitor, breaking it]
Doug Carlin: Now the monitor is broken. It's dead. It's not temporarily transitioned to another state of entropy, it's dead. Right. Now is she alive or is she dead?
Alexander Denny: She's alive.
Doug Carlin: Alright. Now we're getting somewhere.
View Quote Doug Carlin: You killed 543 people. How do you feel about that? [pause] I think that you were a murderer right from the beginning.
Carroll Oerstadt: Sometimes a little human collateral is the cost of freedom. To me, those people were war casualties, but to you, they're just evidence.
View Quote Shanti: Tell me, is there any scientific or forensic insight likely to be gained by spying on this woman in the shower ?
Alexander Denny: Shanti, we're trying to make sure the woman's clean.
View Quote Shanti: We used huge amounts of energy to create this image!
Doug Carlin: Alright, how huge?
Alexander Denny: Well you remember that little blackout we had a few years back, we blamed Canada, Canada blamed Michigan...
Doug Carlin: Half the northeast. You're saying you guys...
Alexander Denny: 50 million homes?
Gunnars: [raises hand] My bad!
Alexander Denny: Well, I still say we blame Canada, but...
View Quote Brace yourselves, I think you're about to witness a murder.
View Quote Everything you have, you lose, right? Mother, father - gone. Good looks, Pryzwarra? - gone. Loved ones gone in a second. That's what this job teaches you, isn't it? No matter what, no matter how hard you grab onto something - you still lose it, right?
View Quote Last words
View Quote Well, you can be wrong a million times. You only gotta be right once.