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Death Race

Death Race quotes

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Jensen Ames
Machine Gun Joe

View Quote (as the Dreadnought explodes) Now that's entertainment.
View Quote (to Hennessey) You wanted a monster? Well, you've got one.
View Quote (to his daughter) What does little Piper want? Do you want a story? You know you won't understand it, but it'll be good practice for me.
View Quote (to Jensen, wearing Frankenstein's mask) Don't talk to the other drivers. Frank never did. Part of the mystique. Let the mask do the work.
View Quote 14K. First generation Chinese-American, tenth generation Triad. His father sent him to business school, and he's the only man in here who holds a degree from MIT. He's killed four men off the track.
View Quote Nobody ****s with my car.
View Quote Coach: Tomorrow morning you'll meet your navigator Case. She'll help you navigate the course, reload your weapons, and help with the running of the car.
Jensen Ames: I'd love to talk to her ahead of time before the race.
Gunner: Yeah, I'd like a big-tittied girl to lick peanut butter off my toes, but it ain't gonna happen. This is still a prison, man. She's a chick. They get busted from the women's facility upstate.
Coach: It's all about ratings. Fast cars, pretty women...
Gunner: Machine Gun Joe's the only one that has male navigators, 'cause he's gay.
Lists: A-a-actually it's because he goes through them so fast, and a-a-audience gets squeamish.
Gunner: Yeah he goes through them...through their ass.
Coach: He cuts each kill into his skin as a souvenir, I hear.
View Quote Hennessey: This prison is the home to murderers, rapists, and violent offenders of every kind. The United States Penal System sends me the worst of the worst. But the men you've provoked, well, let's just say Mr. Ames that the life term you've joined us for may be a lot shorter than you think.
Jensen Ames: I understand tradition. Shuffling up the new guy, having a slipping good time up my butthole... (is hit in the side by Ulrich)
Hennessey: Foul an issue...for me. While looking over your record, I couldn't help noticing your occupational history. It seems you have some talent behind the wheel. Out of curiosity, when was the last time you raced?
Jensen Ames: It's been a while. I lost my license.
Hennessey: What if I could help you?
Jensen Ames: Get my license back?
Hennessey: I had something else in mind. You're familiar with the Death Race, and the driver the fans call Frankenstein. A man so disfigured by crashes that he's forced to wear a mask. His return to the track is highly anticipated, and therein lies my problem. No one knows yet, but poor Frank died on an operating table not long after his last race. Anyone can wear the mask, but not just anyone can drive the car. You have the skills required to keep the legend alive. I want you to become Frankenstein.
Jensen Ames: No thanks. He's dead. Why don't you just tell the truth?
Hennessey: The audience wants to see Frank again. He moves them. Inspires them. And in this world that's not easy to come by.
Jensen Ames: What makes you think for a second I would risk my life doing this for you?
Hennessey: Win five races, you go free. Those are the rules, and Frank has won four. Win one more, you walk. Call it intuition, but I don't think you belong in here with the rest of these animals.
Jensen Ames: I might surprise you.
Hennessey: The race is Friday, and I need your decision. You're a skilled driver. You're chances are good. I'm offering you your freedom, Mr. Ames. If it's not worth risking your life for, what is?
View Quote Jensen Ames: (during the race) Did you kill the old Frank?
Case: I sabotaged his rear weapons.
Jensen Ames: Why?
Case: Hennessey. She said she'd sign my release papers. It's my life back.
Jensen Ames: You killed him too.
Case: I didn't kill him. He wouldn't quit! I just wanted to make sure he wouldn't win.
Jensen Ames: Why would Hennessey want that?
Case: To keep Frank here, racing.
Jensen Ames: And yesterday?
Case: I was trying to set you back.
Jensen Ames: So, I'm not supposed to win either. Just make it exciting.
View Quote Jensen Ames: So what are you in for?
Case: They say I killed a cop.
Jensen Ames: Did you do it?
Case: Yeah.
Jensen Ames: Bad cop?
Case: Good cop. Lousy husband.
View Quote Jensen Ames: So where's the ammo?
Gunner: We get that on race day.
Jensen Ames: Pity.
Coach: Yeah, everyone thinks that, the first time.
Jensen Ames: Thinks what?
Coach: About turning the guns on the guards. About escaping.
Jensen Ames: No, I wasn't thinking that.
Coach: Well I'm glad, because Hennessey's got electric kill switches on all the guns on all the cars. And all the guard towers are fortified, and their guns are bigger than your guns. Oh, did I mention the helicopters and also the fact that we're on an island here a mile from the nearest shoreline? The only way in or out of here is on that one skinny bridge you came in on.
View Quote Jensen Ames: What makes you think for a second I would risk my life doing this for you?
Hennessey: Win five races, you go free. Those are the rules, and Frank has won four. Win one more, you walk. Call it intuition, but I don't think you belong in here with the rest of these animals.
View Quote Jensen Ames: Why don't you wear a number, Coach?
Coach: Because I'm not a prisoner. I qualified for parole three years ago. Got as far as the gate. They got a name for it: something-or-another syndrome. Simple fact is, world's changed since I've been in here. Don't know what, don't much want to. But this...this I know.
Jensen Ames: What did they sent you away for?
Coach: Oh, plenty...and nothing.
View Quote Jensen Ames: You sure are lucky a driver like me just happened to turn up in your prison when I did.
Hennessey: Oh, I'm more than lucky. I'm blessed. Sometimes it's like the right hand of god is sitting on my shoulder.
View Quote Lists: Jensen Garner Ames. Moved to the states at twenty-four years old. Named after a car, the Jensen Intercepter. A three time local speedway champion.
Jensen Ames: You've done your homework, or do you just know everything?
Coach: Jensen Intercepter. I had one. Handled like a school bus.