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Death Becomes Her

Death Becomes Her quotes

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Helen Sharp
Lisle Von Rhoman
Madeline Ashton

View Quote (after seeing herself transformed from drinking the potion) I'm a girl!
View Quote (whilst peering through a gaping hole in Helen) You're a fraud, Helen. A walking lie and I can see right through you.
View Quote Anna: How about a nice colagen buff instead?
Madeline: A colagen buff? You might as well ask me to wash with soap and water!
Anna: I could do your make-up myself
Madeline: Make-up is pointless! It does nothing anymore. Are you even listening to me? Do you even care? You just stand there with your twenty-two year old skin and your tits like rocks and laugh at me.
View Quote Ernest: [after the sample of potion restores his hand] Oh my god...
Lisle: [blushes] Thank you.
View Quote Helen: Oh, ok. If she's not dead you tell her to come down, you tell her to come down here and kiss me on the...
Madeline: Kiss you on the what?
Helen: Mad?
Madeline: Hel...What have you two been plotting down here? Or should I say what else?
View Quote Lisle: Go on... Drink it... It is the completion of your life's work. You gave other people youth and wasted your own! Drink. And you will be able to work again forever! Drink... drink, Dr. Menville. You owe yourself another chance! Drink! It's the right choice! The only choice! Drink! SEMPRE VIVE! LIVE FOREVER!
Ernest: Then what?
Lisle: What?
Ernest: Then what happens?
Lisle: What?
Ernest: I don't want to live forever. I mean, it sounds good, but what am I gonna do? What if I get bored?
Lisle: What?
Ernest: And what if I get lonely? Who am I gonna hang around with, Madeleine and Helen?
Lisle: But you'll never grow old!
Ernest: Yes, but everybody else will! I'll have to watch everyone around me die. I don't think this is right. This is not a dream. This is a nightmare!
View Quote Psychiatrist: Is this where we are Helen? Six months of therapy, you are not even one pound lighter, and we are still talking about Madeline Ashton.
Helen: Do you think I enjoy talking about Madeline Ashton
Psychiatrist: Do you think I enjoy it? Is that what you think? Well you'd better think again. [sighs] Oh, Helen! For you to have a life — for any of us to have a life — You have got to forget about her. You have to erase her from your mind. You have to completely eliminate every...
Helen: What...?
Psychiatrist: You have to completely eliminate...
Helen: You're right. you are absolutely right.
View Quote (Last lines. Helen and Madeleine shatter into pieces after falling down stairs) Do you remember where you parked the car?
View Quote (while confronting Ernest Menville) No Ernest, she has wasted you, she married an brilliant surgeon and turned him into a undertaker. I want you to know something, I have never blamed you for leaving me. I always knew it was her. She is a woman Ernest, a woman, from Newark, for God's sake. I will never forgive her for what she has done to you. Never.
View Quote (while confronting Madeline Ashton) Listen, that was a long time ago, you didn't steal him, he went to you. It wasn't you, it was him. I just want you to know something that I have never ever blamed you, never.
View Quote Ain't nobody can play dead like me, Ernest.
View Quote And she even paid for the hardware. Don't you just love it?
View Quote Divorce? In California? That is exactly what she wants you to do. You have no talent for poverty.
View Quote En garde, BITCH!
View Quote Ernest is dead? Everybody's dead!