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DC Super Hero Girls: Legends of Atlantis

DC Super Hero Girls: Legends of Atlantis quotes

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View Quote Aquaman: [Siren and Mera confront him] Stand down!
Siren: Not very smart leaving your palace unguarded. But I never expected much from a boy king.
Aquaman: Atlantis is never unguarded. [summons sea creatures] Your trench creatures cannot win against the sea.
Siren: Never underestimate a sea witch.
View Quote Mera: [being led to the dungeon by Siren's monsters] Let me go!
Bumblebee: [revealing herself] Yeah, let her go! [zaps one with her stinger. The other one comes after her] Over here, shark bait! [blasts it]
Mera: A land dweller. Stay away from me!
Bumblebee: But I can't help you if I'm staying away. [starts cutting through her shackles]
Mera: Why would you rescue me? I helped Siren and now she's going to sink the land dwellers, I-I mean your people.
Bumblebee: I know. I heard in the throne room. And I heard you. You're not like your sister. You care about people. You got what it takes to be a hero.
Mera: [her shackles fall off] You really think that?
Bumblebee: Yeah.
View Quote Siren: [after Siren has assumed the throne] My first decree is to have you thrown into the brig.
Mera: What?
[Siren casts a spell that shackles Mera]
Siren: Now that my magic is stronger, I can have anything I want.
Mera: But, Siren...
Siren: "But, Siren." You're always trying to stop me, but you can't stop me now. I'm more powerful than you and soon I will be the most powerful being on Earth!
Mera: There are superheroes at that high school more powerful than...
Siren: Powerful enough to survive underwater? No. My predecessors to this trident never used its full power, but I will. I will start by sinking Metropolis. School's out for Super Hero High!
View Quote Siren: [holding Wonder Woman and Mera at bay] Who should I get rid of first? The little helpless surface dweller that I tried to eliminate years ago, or my own sister who insisted on saving her? Do you really think that you, with your weak walking legs, could've made it out of my ocean?
[flashback sequence starts]
Siren: My own sister dragged you to the surface. She even dared touch her feet on the shore, waiting for your inferior human lungs to gasp the putrid surface air.
Mera: [in the flashback] Please wake up.
[Young Wonder Woman coughs up water. Young Mera smiles at her, but when she sees Diana's mother coming, she dives back into the water. As Young Wonder Woman is carried away by her mother, Young Mera waves to her before sinking back beneath the waves. The flashback sequence ends]
Siren: So, first place on the annoying scale goes to my goody two-shoes sister Mera. Trident, destroy her!
[the trident powers up]
Wonder Woman: No! [she pushes Mera out of the way and gets hit instead]
View Quote Wonder Woman: [after securing the trident] Good news, Hawkgirl. The trident has been secured.
Hawkgirl: Bad news. Metropolis is still sinking!
Siren: Ha! Ignorant air breather! No one can stop what the trident has started!
[Wonder Woman grabs the trident]
Wonder Woman: [to Mera] You have to use it.
Mera: Me? But what if I use it and go power crazy like Siren? Maybe you or Bumblebee...
Wonder Woman: [grabs her shoulder] Mera, you love the sea and you have the heart of a hero. You can do it.
[Mera takes the trident and it starts to glow]
Mera: Sea, be calm!
[the trident's power calms the ocean and expels the water from Metropolis]
View Quote Wonder Woman: [after Siren is defeated] I was wrong about you, Mera. I was wrong about sea people.
Mera: I'm the one who was wrong. Way wrong. You humans are pretty great.
Wonder Woman: [smiles warmly] I owe you one for saving the land.
Mera: The sea, the land, it's all the same. It's an ecosystem. We all belong to each other and we must fight for each other.
Wonder Woman: Well said, friend.
[they engage in a warm hug]
View Quote Wonder Woman: [her oxygen pack has been broken by the trench creatures] You have to fight without me.
Bumblebee: No way! It's not over for you until you make Siren sing. [hands her oxygen pack over] Here.
Wonder Woman: But what about you? Do you even have enough air to get back to the surface?
Mera: I think I can help. Bumblebee, when you're small you don't need much oxygen, right? Shrink and I'll make an oxygen bubble for you.
Bumblebee: OK. Bubble me. [holds her breath and shrinks. Mera blows an oxygen bubble that encases Bumblebee] Yeah, honey!
Wonder Woman: Let's go.
View Quote Wonder Woman: [Mera and Siren have invaded the school] You!
Bumblebee: You know them?
Mera: Just hand the book over and nobody gets hurt.
Wonder Woman: I don't know how you do things in the ocean, but we don't negotiate with villains!
Siren: Good. I wanted to do it the hard way.