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Cutting Edge, The

Cutting Edge, The quotes

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Doug Dorsey
Kate Moseley

View Quote [Doug charges down the ramp to the arena, late for his Olympic hockey game]
Calgary cop: Name, son.
Doug Dorsey: Dorsey, U.S. Hockey!
Calgary cop: Hell, son, they're just about to start!
View Quote [Doug chases Kate into the hotel elevator]
Doug Dorsey: Kate! Kate, will you wait a minute?
Kate Moseley: Don't! Don't even try! Just looking at you makes me sick! To think I was coming to apologize! Lorie Peckarovski!
Doug Dorsey: Hey -- were you, or were you not, engaged to be married until last night?
Kate Moseley: Hardly the point...
Doug Dorsey: You threw me out of your room!
Kate Moseley: Count your blessings. She may not have waited much longer!
Doug Dorsey: That's not how it happened!
Kate Moseley: Spare me the details.
Doug Dorsey: Where the hell do you get off?
Kate Moseley: Me?
Doug Dorsey: This is my fault? From the first day I walk into your rink, you treat me like a hired hand! Then one night, you get drunk, I'm supposed to roll over and thank my lucky stars? Sorry, I don't downshift that fast!
Kate Moseley: Get out of my way!
Doug Dorsey: No problem! I've been practicing that move for a year and a half!
[Kate runs out of the elevator; people are laughing at them]
Doug Dorsey: Blind date...
View Quote [Doug is carrying Kate's flowers and walking her back to her room; The long program is the next day]
Doug Dorsey: Man, this overnight thing is brutal. Why can't it be a double header, you know? Short program, long program. Same night, boom, we're outta here, you know what I mean?
Kate Moseley: Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.
Doug Dorsey: It's like, enough already! It's like...what's the word? Uh, you know what word I'm looking for? You know what I mean?
Kate Moseley: [trying to open her door] I don't know, uh, expectation?
Doug Dorsey: No, no, when you, uh...
Kate Moseley: Anticipation? Excitement?
Doug Dorsey: Foreplay!
Kate Moseley: [looks up in shock, stunned] Foreplay?
Doug Dorsey: Yeah, you know, like foreplay.
Kate Moseley: Yeah, I know what it means.
Doug Dorsey: Well, wouldn't you rather just get right to it?
Kate Moseley: What?
Doug Dorsey: Skating. Long program.
[Kate stares, wild-eyed]
Doug Dorsey: Chicago? Nationals? [holds up her bouquet] Flowers?
Kate Moseley: [still stunned, takes her flowers] Sleep. I'd rather sleep.
[She goes into her room, leaving Doug very confused]
Doug Dorsey: Sleep?
View Quote Excuse me. Naked male insecurity really leaves me cold.
View Quote Hey, there's only two things I do well, sweetheart, and skating's the other one!
View Quote I swear, you let me down, and it'll take them a month to count the blade marks on your back.
View Quote We're going to France! Parlez-vous Olympics!
View Quote [at the hospital after Kate had hit his nose with a hockey puck] Toe pick!
View Quote [preparing to lift Kate] You want me to put my hands where?
View Quote [referring to Doug] When we're through here, can we please teach it how to breathe with its mouth closed?
View Quote [repeated line] Toe pick!