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Cursed (2005)

Cursed (2005) quotes

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View Quote (In Deleted scenes) It's over my butt.
View Quote Bo: You trying out for the wrestling team Jimmy?
Jimmy: Oh no, I don't, I don't wrestle.
Bo: I'd think all that male to male contact would be right up your alley!
Jimmy: Is that the appeal for you? Haven't you been team captain for two years now?
View Quote Bo:What the **** was that?
Jimmy: My dog.
Bo: What kinda dog do you have?
View Quote Ellie: She may have changed back into her human form. Her name's Joanie, she's this hyper, skinny publicist.
Police Officer: Any other descriptions?
Jimmy: Yeah, she's.. what 5'7?
Ellie: She's got a bony ass...and fat thighs...and bad skin...
Joanie: Liar!!! [flips her off]
View Quote Ellie: So it's over right? Joanie's dead, so we're okay now.
Jimmy: That's subjective, we still have to back to our pathetic pre-cursed lives.
Ellie: I'm personally okay with that.
Jimmy: You're not in high school.
View Quote Jake: Take it easy with the silver, Ellie!
Ellie: You're a monster.
Jake: Join the club.
View Quote Jimmy: Can you be still for a second?
Becky: You try flipping your car down a mountain and then staying ****ING STILL!
View Quote Jimmy: It's part of the curse, I'm appealing, I have this unnatural sexual allure.
Bo: Yeah, yeah, you do, I know.
View Quote Kyle: Hey, '70s retro week is booking up. Do we want Keith Partridge or Marcia Brady?
Ellie: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!
View Quote Kyle: Okay, all psychics back in their seats please.
Zela: The beast is human, too. Don't forget that. And it's closer to you than you think.
Kyle: Maybe you can just follow me... Shouldn't you psychically know when you're annoying someone?
View Quote Zela: I see blood.
View Quote [Bo comes out to Jimmy and tries to kiss him thinking he's gay too]
Jimmy: No, I'm not gay, I'm cursed!
Bo: I know it must feel like that sometimes...
Jimmy: No, I'm cursed by the Mark of the Beast!
View Quote Aah!
View Quote All I got was a couple dates, some hot sex and an "I'm not ready for a relationship, it's not you it's me".