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The Crying Game

The Crying Game quotes

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View Quote Col: You could always make it up to her. When a girl runs out like that, she generally wants to be followed.
Fergus: She's not a girl, Col.
Col: Whatever you say.
Fergus: Do they know?
Dil: Know what, honey?
Fergus: Know what I didn't know? And don't call me that.
Dil: Can't help it! A girl has her feelings.
Fergus: Thing is, Dil, you're not a girl.
Dil: Details, baby, details.
Fergus: So they do know?
Dil: Alright, they do.
Fergus: Don't. I should've known, shouldn't I?
Dil: Probably.
Fergus: Kind of wish I didn't.
Dil: You can always pretend.
Fergus: That's true. Your soldier knew, didn't he?
Dil: Absolutely.
View Quote Dil: Ask to meet me again, Jimmy.
Fergus: Do you think that's wise?
Dil: Nothing's wise.
Fergus: I didn't mean to hit you.
Dil: I know that.
Fergus: I kind of liked you as a girl.
Dil: Well that's a start.
Fergus: So I'm sorry.
Dil: So make it up to me.
Fergus: How?
Dil: Ask to meet me again.
View Quote Dil: Got you the multivitamins and the iron tablets, hon.
Fergus: Don't call me that.
Dil: Sorry, love. Now, the white ones are magnesium supplement.
Fergus: Stop it, Dil.
Dil: I've got to keep you healthy, Jimmy. I'm counting the days. Two thousand three hundred and thirty-four left.
Fergus: Thirty-five.
Dil: I'm sorry, darling. I keep forgetting the leap year. What am I supposed to call you then, Jimmy?
Fergus: Fergus.
Dil: Fergus. Fergus my love, light of my life.
Fergus : Please, Dil.
Dil: Can't help it. You're doing time for me. No greater love, as the man says. Wish you'd tell me why.
Fergus: As the man said, it's in my nature.
View Quote Dil: He's still looking, Col.
Col: Persistent.
Dil: Good thing in a man.
Col: An excellent quality.
Dil: Maybe he wants something.
Col: I expect he does.
Dil: Ask him!
Col: Ask him yourself!
View Quote Dil: What you thinking of, hon?
Fergus: I'm thinking of your man.
Dil: Why?
Fergus: I'm wondering why you keep his things.
Dil: I told you. I'm superstitious.
Fergus: Did he ever tell you you were beautiful?
Dil: All the time. Even now.
Fergus: What do you mean?
Dil: He looks after me. He's a gentleman, too.
View Quote Dil: You gonna tell me what it is?
Jude: What is it?
Dil: Do you know her, Jimmy?
Jude: Jimmy, is it? Do you know me, Jimmy?
Fergus: Dil, this is Jude.
Dil: Are you following me?
Jude: Yeah! Just checking. Is he being nice to you, Dil?
Dil: Ever so nice, aren't you, Jimmy?
Jude: That's good. I'm glad. Young love, as they say?
Dil: Absolutely. The younger the better. Doesn't come YOUR way much, I suppose.
Jude: Don't go looking for it, Dil.
Dil: Well, maybe you'll get lucky... someday.
Jude: Bit heavy on the powder, isn't she?
Dil: A girl has to have a bit of glamour.
Jude: Oh, absolutely. As long as she can keep it. Isn't that right, James?
View Quote Fergus: So who's he?
Col: He's what she should run a mile away from.
Fergus: Then why doesn't she?
Col: Who knows the secrets of the human heart?
View Quote Fergus: What the ****, do you know about my people?
Jody: Only that you're all tough, undiluted mother****ers... And it's not in your nature to let me go.
Fergus: Shut the **** up, will ya?
View Quote I can take it Jimmy. Just not in the face.
View Quote I'm loud, darling, but never cheap.