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Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians quotes

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Astrid Young Teo
Eleanor Young
Peik Lin Goh
Rachel Chu

View Quote Oliver T'sien: It's about time somebody stood up to Auntie Eleanor. But you, not me, oh god. She can't ever know I was here.
View Quote Wye Mun Goh: Let me get this straight. You both went to the same school. Yet someone came back with a degree that's useful, and the other one came back as Asian Ellen.
View Quote Neenah Goh: [Showing off her luxurious home] We were inspired by the Hall of Mirrors in Versaillles.
Peik Lin Goh: [softly, to Rachel] And Donald Trump's bathroom.
View Quote Nick Young: So, what about us taking an adventure east?
Rachel Chu: [thinking for a minute] You wanna get pork buns in the East Village. That's what it is, isn't it?
Nick Young: I was actually thinking of further east.
Rachel Chu: Like Queens?
Nick Young: Like Singapore, for spring break? Colin's wedding. We've been dating for over a year now, and I think it's about time people met my beautiful girlfriend. Come on, I'm Colin's best man. Don't you wanna see where I grew up? Meet my family, my Ah Ma?
View Quote Nick Young: When we first met, you had no idea who I was, who my family were. You didn't care!
Rachel Chu: Yeah, I don't care about that stupid stuff.
Nick Young: Well, exactly. You are so different from all of the women that I grew up with.
View Quote Rachel Chu: [as they bury the gutted fish from her hotel room] This weekend was supposed to be mani-pedis, ****tails served in pineapples. This definitely wasn't on the menu. Why would Araminta even have friends like them? They're so mean.
Astrid Young Teo: [as they fill in the hole] Well, you grow up your whole lives together, you make excuses for people. Specially the morons.
View Quote Rachel Chu: [Incredulous] You have a ****tail dress in your trunk?
Peik Lin Goh: I'm not an animal, Rachel.
View Quote Rachel Chu: [on the plane] Nick, what are you doing here?
Nick Young: I'm flying back to New York with you.
Rachel Chu: Don't make this harder than it already is.
Nick Young: I always imagined what me proposing to you would be like. You know what? I had it all planned out.
Passenger: Right behind you.
Nick Young: Don't mind me. I bring you to my favorite spot on the island. There's a hidden trail that I used to go to as a child. And there's a cove there that opens up to this beautiful lake.
Passenger: [bumps into Nick] Sorry, dude.
Nick Young: Give me a second, coming through. When the sun hits the horizon, I get down on one knee. And the rest of the world would fall away. Because it would just be you and... Because it's just you... [to a passenger struggling with her bag] Sorry, I can help you with that. [to Rachel] Right, stay there. [to a passenger] Yeah. You too? Watch your fingers. Everybody okay? 'Cause I just need 30 seconds with this woman. Thank you. [climbs across seats] Coming through. Sorry. I know this is a far throw from a hidden paradise. But wherever you are in the world, that's where I belong. But I... [kneels] Rachel Chu... [holds out a ring] Will you marry me? And make me the happiest man in this world?
Kerry Chu: Yes! Yes! She will marry you!
Rachel Chu: Yes! I love you.
Nick Young: I love you, too.
Rachel Chu: This is gonna be some flight back to New York.
Nick Young: Well, I was actually thinking about staying one more night.
[they kiss]
View Quote Rachel Chu: I thought I was here to meet your family, go to your best friend's wedding, eat some good food. Instead, I feel like I'm a villain in a soap opera who's plotting to steal your family fortune.
Nick Young: What happened?
Rachel Chu: I mean, I met Amanda. She told me that everyone here thinks that I'm the evil person that prevented you from moving back to Singapore last year but, when I didn't even know you were supposed to come home.
Nick Young: You have every reason to be upset.
Rachel Chu: I'm not done yet! There was also the gutted, bloody fish that Araminta's friends left for me in my hotel room on my bed next to the words 'Catch this, you gold-digging bitch'... written in big fat serial-killer letters.
View Quote Rachel Chu: So your family is, like, rich?
Nick Young: We're comfortable.
Rachel Chu: That is exactly what a super-rich person would say.
View Quote Rachel Chu: So, if you have all this family there, why are we staying in a hotel? Aren't good Chinese sons supposed to stay with their parents?
Nick Young: Well, because A: I'm not that good a son, and B: I just want you to myself, just for a bit.
View Quote Rachel Chu: Thanks for meeting me here.
[Eleanor eyes the other two women at the mahjong table]
Rachel Chu: Don't worry about them. They're half-deaf and they only speak Hokkien.
[Long pause as Eleanor reluctantly settles into her seat]
Rachel Chu: My mom taught me how to play. She told me mahjong would teach me important life skills: Negotiation. Strategy. Cooperation.
Eleanor Young: You asked me here, I assume it's not for a Mahjong lesson. [Shows her tiles] Pong. My mother taught me too.
Rachel Chu: I know Nick told you the truth about my mom, but you didn't like me the second I got here. Why is that?
Eleanor Young: There is a Hokkien phrase 'kaki lang'. It means: our own kind of people, and you're not our own kind.
Rachel Chu: Because I'm not rich? Because I didn't go to a British boarding school, or wasn't born into a wealthy family?
Eleanor Young: You're a foreigner. American – and all Americans think about is their own happiness.
Rachel Chu: Don't you want Nick to be happy?
Eleanor Young: It's an illusion. We understand how to build things that last. Something you know nothing about.
Rachel Chu: You don't know me.
Eleanor Young: I know you're not what Nick needs.
Rachel Chu: [pauses] Well he proposed to me yesterday. [pauses] He said he'd walk away from his family and from you for good. [pauses] Don't worry, I turned him down.
Eleanor Young: [sighs] Only a fool folds a winning hand.
Rachel Chu: Mm no. There's no winning. You made sure of that. 'Cause if Nick chose me, he would lose his family. And if he chose his family, he might spend the rest of his life resenting you.
Eleanor Young: [after a long pause] So you chose for him...
Rachel Chu: I'm not leaving because I'm scared, or because I think I'm not enough – because maybe for the first time in my life, I know I am. [Choking back tears] I just love Nick so much, I don't want him to lose his mom again. So I just wanted you to know: that one day – when he marries another lucky girl who is enough for you, and you're playing with your grandkids while the Tan Hua's are blooming, and the birds are chirping – that it was because of me: a poor, raised by a single mother, low class, immigrant nobody.
View Quote Rachel Chu: Why didn't you tell me about my father?
Kerry Chu: My husband wasn't a good man. He hurt me. But an old schoolmate of mine helped me through things and we fell in love and I got pregnant with his baby, that's you. I was so afraid my husband would find out and kill us both, so I just took you and I ran to America.
View Quote [in Singapore Changi Airport] Wow, I can't believe this airport has a butterfly garden, and a movie theater. JFK's just salmonella and despair.
View Quote [to Rachel] Good for you. Walking away from Nick and his family's fat-ass property portfolio. You have no one, no net worth, but you have integrity. That's why I respect you.