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Compulsion quotes

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Arthur Straus
Jonathan Wilk
Max Steiner

View Quote Arthur Straus: When we made the deal, you said you could take orders. You said you wanted me to command you.
Judd Steiner: I do - as long as you keep your part of the agreement.
View Quote Jonathan Wilk: I wasn't expecting you to fall down on your knees and thank god for deliverance.
Judd Steiner: "God"? That sounds rather strange coming from you, Mr. Wilk.
Jonathan Wilk: A lifetime of doubt and questioning doesn't necessarily mean I've reached any final conclusions.
Judd Steiner: Well I have. And god has nothing to do with it.
Jonathan Wilk: You sure, Judd? In those years to come, you might find yourself asking if it wasn't the hand of god dropped those glasses... and if he didn't, who did?
View Quote Judd Steiner: Not tomorrow afternoon.
Arthur Straus: Oh, you got another date? [in disbelief] Are you ditching me for some girl?
Judd Steiner: I haven't been able to find you for three days.
View Quote Judd Steiner: Please, Artie - I'll do anything you say.
Arthur Straus: Anything?
View Quote Judd Steiner: To the perfect crime!
Arthur Straus: Crime. Oh, my wealthy fraternity brothers. 67 dollars, and a second-hand typewriter.
View Quote [to Judd Steiner] It just irritates me to see anyone as brilliant as you make a jackass out of himself over someone like Artie Straus.
View Quote If there is any way of destroying hatred and all that goes with it, it's not through evil and hatred and cruelty, but through charity, love, understanding.
View Quote In those years to come, you might find yourself asking if it wasn't the hand of god dropped these glasses... And if he didn't, who did?
View Quote The neighborhood is swarming with kidnappers and degenerates!
View Quote They say you can only get justice by shedding their last drop of blood. Isn't a lifetime behind prison bars enough for this mad act?...You hang these boys, it will mean that in this land of ours, a court of law could not help but bow down to public opinion.