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Clear and Present Danger

Clear and Present Danger quotes

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View Quote [Chavez was able to close in on the Sergeant Major by using a cheeseburger wrapper as a decoy]
Sergeant Major: Soldier, how did you get so close to me?
Chavez: Sniper approached the instructor by being a sneaky bastard, Sergeant Major!
View Quote [Jack needs a helicopter]
Jack Ryan: I'm here to rent the Huey.
Helicopter owner: We don't rent it anymore, but it is for sale.
Jack Ryan: How much?
Helicopter owner: Two million dollars.
Jack Ryan: Uh, my pilot and I will have to take it for a test drive.
Helicopter owner: Of course, you just have to leave a deposit.
Jack Ryan: How much is that?
Helicopter owner: Two million dollars.
Jack Ryan: Umm...
[Shows a CIA business card]
Jack Ryan: Would you take a company check?
View Quote [On whether Jack should investigate the growing scandal]
Admiral Greer: You know what you think about when you’re lying here. You know you’re going to die. You think it’s alright. You lived a long time. You had a family that loved you. You had a job that you thought made a difference, that you thought was honorable. And then you see this. [looking at photos showing complicit activity by Ritter]
Jack Ryan: I'm afraid if I dig any deeper no-one's going to like what I find."
Admiral Greer: You took an oath, if you recall, when you first came to work for me. And I don't mean to the National Security Advisor of the United States, I mean to his boss... and I don't mean the President. You gave your word to his boss: you gave your word to the people of the United States. Your word is who you are.