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Clean and Sober

Clean and Sober quotes

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View Quote Darryl: What is it with you guys and food?
Richard: Addicts are compulsive.
Craig: The best way to break old habits is to make new ones.
Richard: I woke up one morning, and when I looked in the mirror I noticed my nose was bent over entirely onto one side of my face. So, I got a hammer, and started banging my nose back to a right angle with my face. Suddenly, I looked at myself in the mirror, hammer in head, blood streaming down my chin, and I realized my life was no longer manageable.
Darryl: Thank you. And thanks for my chip. And thanks for not smoking.
Darryl: That was a $90,000 phone call, man. $90,000! 90 grand, man. That's the Stock Market, babe, and it doesn't give a **** if I'm in a hospital or not! Hey, the American Stock Market really doesn't care if some asshole who makes $300 a weeks says I can't use the ****in' phone. I'm close, right, Craig? Like 3:10, maybe 3:15. That's about it, isn't it, Craigy? Yeah, oh boy, big 3:07 a week. Boy, you gotta allocate that mother****er, don't cha? What's that? A little Lean Cuisine, maybe some pork and beans - Hey, why don't cha get yourself another pair of those plastic shoes?! Fine, you want me outta here? I'm ****in' outta here. I'm gone, mother****er - look at this back!
Craig: You know what the addict's least favorite word is? No. Ask me if you can use my phone, Darryl? Say, Craig, may I use the phone? No.