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Hermes: Zeus, you must bring an end to this. They've attacked our temples!
Poseidon: Now they dare to desecrate Zeus' image!
Demeter: We could reach out to them!
Apollo: Accommodation could be made! A truce!
Zeus: No! I created them. And they reward my love with defiance?! There will be no truce!
Hades: Finally, some rage from you. How long has it been? How long, brother, since you've seen my face?
Zeus: Hades.
Hades: Endless years I've watched from the Underworld and saw your wrath tempered with love. You created them for one reason, so their prayers would fuel our immortality. But you love them too well, they've grown strong. And now, I am forced to rise because we are all threatened.
Zeus: What do you want, brother?
Hades: Let me loose upon them. They will pray again and you will bathe in their awe and fear. And we will grow strong again.
Apollo: He belongs in the Underworld, not here!
Hades: You do not tell me where I belong. You said it is love that feeds us, but you depend on their love. I've only learned to live on their fear. Their pain.
Poseidon: Zeus? Our brother speaks the truth. Give it to him.
Zeus: Go, do what you will.
Apollo: Father, we need the mortals!
Zeus: No, Apollo. Hades is right. Their insolence are surprised. Like children, they need to be reminded of the order of things! Set an example, brother. Turn them on each other, and back into our arms.

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