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City of God

City of God quotes

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Li'l Zé (Zé Pequeno)
Rocket (Buscapé)

View Quote Boy 1: The big deal is dope, you got it?
Boy 2: If you wanna be a dealer, you gotta start as a delivery boy, see?
Boy 1: This delivery boy business is real bullshit. The time it takes being a delivery boy, then security and then manager, is way too long.
Boy 2: What you gonna do? You've gotta wait for them to die...
Boy 1: No way! I'll do it just like Li'l Z? did: you gotta whack everyone and that's it!
View Quote Carrot (Sandro Cenoura): Have you lost your mind? You are just a child!
Steak with Fries (Fil?-com-Fritas): Listen man, I smoke, I snort... I've been begging on the street since I was just a baby. I've cleaned windshields at stop lights. I've polished shoes, I've robbed, I've killed... I ain't no kid, no way. I'm a real man.
View Quote Li'l Z?: Can you read?
Gang Member: I can read only the pictures
View Quote Shaggy (Cabeleira): Hey, Berenice. Listen, I've got something real important to say. Tell me, you ever heard of love at first sight?
Berenice: Sure, but bums don't fall in love, they just get horny.
Shaggy: C'mon, you cut everything I say to pieces.
Berenice: Bums don't talk, they just smooth talk.
Shaggy: Jesus, I'm gonna stop wasting my saliva on you, you sure ain't easy.
Berenice: Bums never stop, they just take a break.
Shaggy: Jeez, Berenice, talking about love with you is pretty complicated, isn't it?
Berenice: Love, you gotta be kidding. You're just leading me on.
Shaggy: But it's just that this jerk here loves you.
View Quote [A newspaper has mistakenly printed a picture taken by Rocket of Li'l Z? and his gang on it's front page]
Rocket: ****... I'm dead!
[Cut to slum]
Li'l Z?: What's the name of that friend of yours who took these pictures?
Thiago: Rocket.
Li'l Z? : Rocket! This guy is good!
View Quote Dadinho my dick, my name now is Li'l Z?, ****!
View Quote What should have been swift revenge turned into an all out war. The City of God was divided. You couldn't go from one section to the other, not even to visit a relative. The cops considered anyone living in the slum a hoodlum. People got used to living in Vietnam, and more and more volunteers signed up to die.
View Quote Where do you want to take the shot? In the hand or in the foot?
View Quote You need more than guts to be a good gangster, you need ideas.