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Cinderella II: Dreams Come True (2002)

Cinderella II: Dreams Come True (2002) quotes

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View Quote Anastasia: [to Cinderella] Oh, thank you! I never dreamed I could be this happy.
View Quote Beatrice: [teaching Cinderella how to be a princess] Dukes and viscounts sit nearest the king... unless there is a marquis present.
Cinderella: Wouldn't it be nice if people could just sit wherever they like?
Beatrice: No. You must never seat a duke... above a marquis or below a baron.
Daphne: Which color is correct, Your Highness? Cream or ecru?
Cinderella: Um, ecru?
Prudence: Goodness, no. Cream.
View Quote Cinderella: I still can't believe I'm going to live in a castle. Are you sure this isn't just a dream?
Prince Charming: You're a princess now. [kisses Cinderella's hand] Princess Cinderella.
View Quote Cinderella: I was a dish maid when the prince married me. And he loves me because I'm me.
View Quote Prince Charming: I'm glad you do things your own way.
Cinderella: Someday I'll get this princess thing right.
Prince Charming: I think that day is today.
[They both go for a kiss]
View Quote Prudence: [shows Cinderella the food for the royal banquet] At the banquet, as always... the royal menu shall consist of the rarest roast beef... French onion soup, tarragon mashed potatoes, freshly baked baguettes... the finest truffles in the kingdom and, for dessert... [Beatrice and Daphne removes the lid to reveal prunes] Norwegian stewed prunes.
Cinderella: Prunes? For dessert?
Prudence: The king expects it. It is a tradition that is never broken. Besides, I like them.
View Quote The King: [on a fairest wheel] I can see my castle!
View Quote [during An Uncommon Romance, Lady Tremaine talks to her daughters]
Lady Tremaine: Cinderella's ball is tomorrow night, so pay attention! Every noble bachelor in the kingdom will be there. If you want to find a husband, you have to make the most of this opportunity. I won't let you fail me... again.
Drizella and Anastasia: Yes, Mother.
Lady Tremaine: Drizella, pin back those curls. Anastasia, put more colour in your cheeks! A perfect appearance is the only way... to attract a proper gentleman. We shall find you men of wealth and nobility.
View Quote [last lines]
Cinderella: Oh, look! We're all in here, and these our stories. [reads aloud from book] "Once upon a time, there was a big castle, and in this castle lived a prince and a princess..."