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View Quote Aereon: In normal times, evil would be fought with good. But in times like these, well, it should be fought by another kind of evil.
View Quote Aereon: There are very few people who have met with a Necromonger and lived to speak of it. So if I choose to speak of it, you should choose to listen.
View Quote Aereon; Furians, defiant to the end.
View Quote Mercenary: Hey. How does he know where we're goin' and we don't?
View Quote Flight commander: [Necromongers begin their invasion] Flight leaders, get all squads off the ground now! We've got heavy inbound!
View Quote Man: [whispering, talking about Necromonger statues] So tall it touches the clouds... And there's nothing around this colossus, nothing left. It's their calling card.
View Quote Keira: [After Riddick has killed a convict with his tea cup] Death by tea-cup, why didn't I think of that?
View Quote Riddick: Last question, and you better get this right, merc. Whose ship is this?
Toombs: Mine.
Riddick: Wrong answer.
Scene shows Toombs falling out of the ship.
View Quote Imam: Have you heard anything I've said?
Riddick: You said it's all circling the drain - the whole universe. Right?
Imam: That's right.
Riddick: Had to end sometime.
View Quote Man: Have you met any others?
Aereon: Others like yourself?
Riddick: Sister, they don't know what to do with just one of me.
Aereon: Spoken like a true Furyan.
View Quote Imam: Will you wait one minute to save worlds?
Riddick: Not my fight.
View Quote Lord Vaako: This is your one chance. Take the Lord Marshal's offer and bow.
Riddick: I bow to no man.
Lord Vaako: He's not a man. He's the Holy Half-Dead who has seen the UnderVerse and returned with powers you can't imagine.
Riddick: Look. I'm not with everyone here. But I will take a piece of him.
Riddick points to Irgun.
Lord Vaako: A piece you will have.
In the ensuing fight, Riddick kills Irgun.
Lord Marshall: Stop him! (Approches Riddick.) Irgun. One of my best.
Riddick: If you say so.
Lord Marshall: What do you think of this blade?
Lord Marshall hands Riddick the blade that Riddick used to kill Irgun. Riddick spins the knife around.
Riddick: I think it's a half-gram heavy on the back end.
View Quote Toombs: Any questions?
Riddick: Yeah. What took you so long?
View Quote Lord Marshal: [after seeing a recording of Riddick killing a Lensor] Commander Toal.
Toal: [growls] He won't escape twice.
View Quote Man: Is there a name for this private little world of yours, huh? What happens there when we don't just run away? You'll kill us... with a soup cup?
Riddick: Tea, actually.
Man: What's that?
Riddick: I'm going to kill you with my tea cup.
View Quote Riddick: Keira?

Keira: What?

Riddick: Get that ass moving!

View Quote Riddick: You remember that favorite game of yours?
Keira: Who's The Better Killer?
Riddick: Let's play.

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