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Bunty quotes

View Quote [After everyone learns that Rocky cannot fly] I had a feeling he was a phoney all along. In fact, I'm not even certain he was American.
View Quote Ginger: So laying eggs all your life and then getting plucked, stuffed and roasted is good enough for you, is it?
Babs: It's a livin'.
View Quote Bunty: Face it ducks; the chances of us escaping from here are a million to one.
Ginger: Then there's still a chance.
View Quote Mrs. Tweedy: Chickens go in; pies come out.
Mr. Tweedy: What sort of pies?
Mrs. Tweedy: [sarcastic] Apple.
Mr. Tweedy: My favourite!
Mrs. Tweedy: CHICKEN pies, you great lummox!
View Quote Babs: Morning, Ginger. Back from holiday?
Ginger: I wasn't on holiday, Babs. I was in solitary confinement.
Babs: Oh, it's nice to get a bit of time to yourself, isn't it?
View Quote Ginger: Listen. We'll either die free chickens or we die trying.
Babs: Are those the only choices?
View Quote Ginger: But you're supposed to be up there - you're the pilot.
Fowler: Don't be ridiculous. I can't fly this contraption.
Ginger: "Back in your day"? The Royal Air Force?
Fowler: 644 Squadron, Poultry Division - we were the mascots.
Ginger: You mean you never actually flew the plane?!
Fowler: Good heavens, no! I'm a chicken! The Royal Air Force doesn't let chickens behind the controls of a complex aircraft!
View Quote Rocky: You see, flying takes three things: Hard work, perseverance and... hard work.
Fowler: You said "hard work" twice.
Rocky: That's because it takes twice as much work as perseverance.
View Quote Nick: First of all, we sneak in all quiet, like...
Fetcher: [interrupting] Like a fish!
Nick: Yeah, like a-- [pauses] Like a fish? You stupid Norbert.
View Quote Nick: [aboard the flying machine] The exits are located here and here. In the quite likely event of a emergency, put your head between your knees--
Fetcher: And kiss your bum goodbye!
View Quote Mr. Tweedy: [being attacked by chickens] Mrs Tweedy! The chickens are revolting!
Mrs. Tweedy: [not paying attention] Finally, something we agree on.
View Quote Nick: Eggs from heaven.
Fetcher: No, from her bum.
View Quote Fowler: Increase velocity!
Babs: What does that mean?
View Quote [After everyone is yelling]
Rocky: Where am I?
Ginger: Oh, yes how rude of us it's just that we're very exci- This is a chicken farm.
Babs: And we're the chickens.
View Quote [Fowler is forced to share his bunk with Rocky]
Fowler: ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS! Asking a senior officer to share his quarters?! And with a non-commissioned Yank, no less! Why, back in my day, I'd never...
Rocky: Hey, you weren't exactly my first choice either. And scoot over, your wing's on my side of the bunk--
Fowler: "YOUR SIDE OF THE BUNK"?! The WHOLE bunk is MY side of the bunk!
Rocky: [snapping back] Just-- What's that smell, is that your breath?
Fowler: [grumbling] ... It's absolutely outrageous...
View Quote Ginger: So that's it! You're from the circus.
Rocky: Shh!
Ginger: You're on the run, aren't you?
[Rocky pulls her behind a hut]
Rocky: You want to keep it down?! I'm trying to lay low here!
Ginger: I should turn you in right now!
Rocky: You wouldn't!... Would you?
Ginger: Give me one reason why I shouldn't.
Rocky: Because I'm... cute?
[Ginger squawks loudly]
Rocky: [muffles her] What are you doing?! Do you know what will happen if that guy finds me?!
Ginger: It's a cruel world.
Rocky: I've just decided, I don't like you.
Ginger: I've just decided, I don't care. Now show us how to fly.
Rocky: With this wing?!
Ginger: Teach us then!
Rocky: No!
[Ginger squawks again]
Rocky: [muffles her again] Now you listen here, sister. I'm not going back to that life! I'm a lone free ranger! Emphasis on FREE!
Ginger: And that's what we want! Freedom!
[Rocky notices the Tweedys approaching]
Rocky: Oh no! Oh no, they're after me!
Ginger: Teach us to fly, and we'll hide you.
Rocky: And if I don't?!
[Ginger squawks again]
Rocky: [muffles her again] Was your father, by any chance, a VULTURE?!
View Quote Rocky: Time to make good on that deal, doll--
Ginger: The name, is Ginger.
View Quote Ginger: I thought you were going to teach us how to fly.
Rocky: That's what I'm doing.
Ginger: Isn't there usually some flapping involved?
Rocky: Hey, do I tell you how to lay eggs? Relax, were making progress.
Ginger: Really? I can't help feeling were going around in circles.
[Ginger points to the chickens, who are indeed, spinning around in circles]
Rocky: Whoah, woah, cut it out! You're making me dizzy! There, I think they're ready to fly now.
Ginger: Good, because they certainly can't walk anymore!
View Quote Rocky: You know what your problem is? You're... difficult!
Ginger: Why, because I'm honest?! I care about what happens to them! Nothing I expect a lone free ranger to know anything about!
Rocky: Hey, if this is the way you show it, I hope you never care about me!
Ginger: I can assure you, I never will!
Rocky: Good!
Ginger: Fine!
View Quote [Ginger has been put on the pie macine, and can't get free]
Ginger: Oh great! Brilliant!
Rocky: Yo! baby doll!
Ginger: Rocky!
Rocky: I'm coming! [He begins slipping on the metal] I'm still coming!
Ginger: Come on! Stop this thing!
Rocky: I'm getting there!
[The machine releases Ginger. Rocky makes a grab at her but misses]
Rocky: Oh, shoot!
Ginger: ROCKY!
Rocky: Don't worry! I'll be down there before you can say...
[Mixed vegetables tumble towards him]
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