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The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns quotes

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The Baron

View Quote Baron: Leaving so soon Muta? That's a pity, we were just about to have some Angel Fruit cake out from the cupboard.
Muta: Where in the Cupboard?
View Quote Haru: Hey, mom? Do you think cats can talk?
Haru's mother: Sure, why not?
View Quote Natori(Vizier): How can you not remember it your majesty? Even our legends tell of a large white cat devouring all of the fish in our lake.
The Baron: Muta, you didn't really do that, did you? That's disgusting.
View Quote Natori(Vizier): Your Majesty! You hit one of our own men, how could you!
The King:: Lets keep that between you and me.
View Quote Natoru(Cat messenger): What?! But all the cats in the kingdom agreed the gifts were just lovely!
Haru: Don't you cats know anything? I hate mice, I don't eat them! I'm allergic to cat-tails, and catnip does nothing for me!
View Quote The King: I'll change you back if you marry me.
Haru: (gets angry) I have just had enough of you! Nobody decides who I am, but me, and there's no way on earth I will EVER marry you!!
The King: (shocked by Haru's answer) Was that a no?
View Quote (After seeing Haru kidnapped by the cats) Better skip the tea.
View Quote [After Haru admits she has a crush on the Baron] Just for the record, I admire a woman who speaks from the heart.
View Quote [After the sun sets on the town, making the windows turn gold] That's enough, Baron! Turn it off. No one's impressed with your cheesy light show, okay?
View Quote [To Baron, about Haru] Alright, alright. I'll watch the little baby.
View Quote Always believe in yourself. Do this and no matter where you are, you will have nothing to fear.
View Quote From now on... you're not allowed to make anymore... [starts falling] fat jokes!
View Quote I am Baron Humbert von Gikkingen, and I have come for Haru.
View Quote I respect a woman who stands up for herself. Even if she does like sticking her nose in other people's business!
View Quote If you find yourself troubled by something mysterious or a problem that's hard to solve, there's a place you can go where you always find help. You just need to look for it.