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Carol Aird
Therese Belivet

View Quote Abby Gerhard: I got my eye on this redhead who owns a steak house outside of Paramus. I'm talking serious 'Rita Hayworth' redhead.
Carol Aird: Really? You think you got what it takes to handle a redhead?
View Quote Abby Gerhard: Tell me you know what you're doing.
Carol Aird: I don't. [she looks at Abby and smiles slyly] I never did.
View Quote Carol Aird: [leans down and kisses Therese] You're trembling.
[Carol reaches to turn off bedside light]
Therese Belivet: No, don't. I want to see you.
View Quote Carol Aird: [to Waiter] I'll have the creamed spinach over poached eggs. And a dry martini with an olive.
Therese Belivet: Um... I'll have the same.
Waiter: The meal or the drink?
Therese Belivet: Um... All of it. Thank you.
View Quote Carol Aird: And do you live alone, Therese Belivet?
Therese Belivet: I do. Well, there's Richard, he'd like to live with me. Oh no, it's nothing like that, I mean he'd like to marry me.
Carol Aird: I see... [staring at Therese] And would you like to marry him?
Therese Belivet: Well, I barely even know what to order for lunch.
View Quote Carol Aird: Do you hate me, Therese?
Therese Belivet: No. How could I hate you?
Carol Aird: Abby tells me you're thriving. You've no idea how pleased I am for you. And you look very fine. You know? As if you've suddenly blossomed. Is that what comes of getting away from me?
Therese Belivet: No.
View Quote Carol Aird: Do you ship? [considers purchasing model train set]
Therese Belivet: Special delivery. You could have it in two or three days. We'll even assemble it for you.
Carol Aird: Well. That's that. Sold.
View Quote Carol Aird: Happy New Year.
Therese Belivet: Happy New Year.
Carol Aird: Harge and I never spend New Year's Eve together. Always a business function. Always clients to entertain.
Therese Belivet: I always spend New Year's alone. In crowds. [pause] I'm not alone this year.
View Quote Carol Aird: I wish I… Have you h… heard something?
Abby Gerhard: From Therese? No. She must have started her job at the Times, though.
Carol Aird: [takes a deep drag on cigarette] I should have said, "Therese — wait."
View Quote Carol Aird: I wonder if you might help me find this doll for my daughter. [hands Frankenberg's salesgirl (Therese) a slip of paper]
Therese Belivet: Bright Betsy. Oh, she cries. And wets herself.
View Quote Carol Aird: I'm going away for a while.
Therese Belivet: When? Where?
Carol Aird: Wherever my car will take me. West. Soon. And I thought... perhaps you might like to come with me. [looks directly at Therese] Would you?
Therese Belivet: [looks directly at Carol] Yes. Yes, I would.
View Quote Carol Aird: So what kind of name is Belivet?
Therese Belivet: It's Czech. It's changed. Originally....
Carol Aird: It's very original.
Therese Belivet: Well.
Carol Aird: And your first name?
Therese Belivet: Therese.
Carol Aird: Terez. Not Ter-eeza.
Therese Belivet: No.
Carol Aird: [pronounces name slowly and deliberately] Therese Belivet. That's lovely.
View Quote Carol Aird: The apartment's a nice big one. Big enough for two. I was hoping you might like to come live with me, but I guess you won't. [pause] Would you?
Therese Belivet: No. I don't think so.
Carol Aird: I'm meeting some people at the Oak Room at nine. If you want to have dinner — if you change your mind — I think you'd like them. [Therese looks down, then again at Carol without responding] Well. That's that.
View Quote Carol Aird: Were those pictures of me you were taking at the tree lot?
Therese Belivet: I'm sorry. I should have asked.
Carol Aird: Don't apologize.
Therese Belivet: I've just been trying to... well, I have a friend who told me I should be more interested in humans.
Carol Aird: And how's that going?
Therese Belivet: [smiling as she replies] It's going well, actually.
View Quote Carol Aird: What you do on Sundays?
Therese Belivet: Nothing in particular. What do you do?
Carol Aird: Nothing lately. Maybe you'd like to come visit me some time. You're welcome to. At least there's some pretty country around where I live. Would you like to come visit me this Sunday?
Therese Belivet: [responds without hesitation] Yes.
Carol Aird: What a strange girl you are.
Therese Belivet: Why?
Carol Aird: Flung out of space.