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(Credits Rolling)
[Two Care Bears, Secret Bear and Friend Bear are travelling down to Earth on their Cloud Mobile to help Kim and Jason, two orphan children who have recently stopped caring for others.]
Friend Bear (after Secret Bear whispers into her ear): No, Secret Bear. I don't think it was the Cloud Mobile's fault.
(Secret Bear alerts Friend Bear of Kim and Jason's appearance. The two children look at the two Bears with little interest.)
Friend Bear: Hi. I'm Friend Bear, and this is Secret Bear. We're Care Bears.
Jason: What do you want?
Friend Bear: Only to be your friends.
Mr. Cherrywood/Narrator: You see, although Kim and Jason were warm and loving children, they had been so hurt when their parents went away that...they had decided never to love anyone ever again, just in case they too went away. Kim and Jason felt they didn't need anyone...but the Care Bears knew better.
Friend Bear: Everyone needs friends, Jason—even you and Kim.
Kim: We're not your friends.
Jason: How did you know our names?
Friend Bear: We know a lot of things about you. Kim reads a lot a books and wants to be a nurse when she grows up. And Jason, you want to be a jet pilot.
Jason: Yeah! How did you know that?!
Friend Bear: Friends are supposed to know about each other's hopes and dreams.
(Again, Secret Bear whispers into Friend's ear.) (But Kim & Jason takes no notice)
Friend Bear: Secret Bear says not to worry. No one can keep a secret... (as Secret Bear zips his mouth shut) like Secret Bear!
Jason: Well, I'll tell you what we know about people you care for. They always let you down.
Kim (to both Bears' dismay): So we'd rather not have any friends. Don't trouble yourselves.

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