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(First Lines)
Children: Bless all the people young and old, for they are yours to love and hold, and bless Mr. and Mrs. Cherrywood, amen.
Mrs. Cherrywood: Good night, children. Sweet dreams.
Girl: Mrs. Cherrywood, isn't Mr. Cherrywood going to tuck us in?
Mrs. Cherrywood: Oh, he'll be along. Don't you worry.
Mr. Cherrywood: I hope I'm not too late.
Mrs. Cherrywood: They've been asking for you.
Girl: Mr. Cherrywood!
Boy in bed: Yay!
Other children: Hooray!
Mr. Cherrywood (doing a juggling act): Look sharp, everyone. Watch the bouncing balls. All righty, here we go. A-one, a-two, a-three. And then...ah-ah-ah! Thank you, thank you and...thank you. Now off to sleep to dream of clowns and circuses, acrobats and jugglers. And remember: I want a full report in the morning.
Toddler girl: Story, Mr. Cherrywood? Story? Please, the one about the circus?
Boy in bed: Please?
Other children: Yay! Tell us a story!
Mr. Cherrywood: Well...all right. (while children cheer) Just one story.
(Cherrywood's children crowd up on beds to listen to him. The old man sits on a red chair, then his wife picks up the toddler from the crib and gives her to him.)
Toddler girl: Story hat, story hat!
(As the children are waiting, Mrs. Cherrywood gives her husband his top hat.)
Toddler girl: YAY!
(Mr. Cherrywood turns on the lamp on his cabinet.)
Mr. Cherrywood (begins story): This is the story of two young children named Kim and Jason, and how they were helped by a group of very special friends: the Care Bears. You see, the Care Bears have a very special mission, and that mission is to help everyone share their feelings with others. The Care Bears live in a magic place...called Care-a-lot.

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