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[Dark Heart the human has imprisoned the Bears and Cousins in his secret chandelier, just as the three campers arrive to stop him.]
Christy: What did you do to them?
Dark Heart: Well, well, if it isn't the Camp...Champ!
Christy: Where are they, Dark Heart?
Dark Heart: The Bears? Their Cousins? Why, I've created my most prized treasure.
[After the villain snaps his fingers, the three campers scream as the chandelier comes towards them.]
Dark Heart (laughing): Hah! A chandelier of frozen feelings. Take a look—all of your friends frozen in my crystal...
Christy: NO!
Dark Heart: ...prison. All that feeling and love's right where it should be—trapped forever!
Dark Heart: Ha ha ha!
Christy: You can't do this. I won't let you!
Dark Heart: But you made it all possible. Now, like this camp, everything I touch will be drained of goodness...and kindness!
True Heart Bear: You have to deal with us first, Dark Heart!
Noble Heart Horse: The time has come to put an your evil trickery.
Dark Heart: Ah. Noble Heart and True Heart. True and Noble to the very end. I'm glad you came, but you see, you're already too late. Now, you shall join the others and leave me to do as I will!
[Dark Heart transforms into the red cloud and laughs]
Christy (running to True Heart and Noble Heart): No! Stop.
Noble Heart Horse: Christy! Move out of the way!
Dark Heart: Christy, do as he says.
Christy: No. I won't let you do this! Free the others!
Dark Heart: We have concluded our bargain. I'm allowing you to leave. Now go!
Christy: I know you don't want to do this!
Dark Heart: Leave us, or I'll take back all that I have given you. (seeing Christy refuse to take heed) So be it! (thunder cracks) You are back to the way you were: a loser!
Christy: what? I helped you do this. And I'm gonna help stop you!
Dark Heart: You saved my life, Christy! Now run and save yourself! Go.......!

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