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[Christy is throwing stones at the lake when her friends Dawn and John come by.]
Dawn: Christy?
Christy: (sighs) John? Dawn? Oh, what are you doing here? Run away before he gets you too!
Dawn: No, Christy. We're staying!
John: We're gonna help.
Dawn: We can make things go back to just the way they were before Dark Heart came here.
[Christy goes away from them, over to the lake's edge.]
Christy (turning to Dawn and John): Since I've been Camp Champ, I've never made you do trash duty, or push you in the mud. Well, no one laughs at you anymore when you trip or fall on your face...I won't let 'em! Oh, I can't go back to being a nobody...not now!
Dawn: You were never a nobody, Christy.
John: You were always good at being our friend.
Dawn: And a friend is the most special person in the world.
Christy: (grunts and gets away from them again) I made a bargain with him. I had to keep my part of it. Oh, it's too late! The damage has been done!
Dawn: All right. You've paid him back. Now you have to stop him from hurting all the others.
John: It's time you start thinking of them...of your friends. (giving Christy her marble) You were always the marble champ, Christy, and that you did all by yourself.
[Christy looks at the marble, and then at her friends.]
Christy: Dawn! John! Wait for me!
[She joins the other two campers in order to stop Dark Heart.]

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