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[Back on Earth, Christy is sitting on a log lost in the woods]
Great Wishing Star: Meanwhile, Christy was lost in the woods and was about to need more help than anyone could've guessed.
Christy: Where are those guys? Maybe they ran away with me. Oh, why can't I be good at anything except shooting marbles [flings a marble that hits a tree, rock, then leaf and lands in Christy's hand] Marble Champ. [catches the leaf] So what? [sighs] If only I could run, or swim, or do something to be the Camp Champ. [Dark Heart looks as a weasel then jumps in a bush causing Christy to gasp] John? Dawn?
Dark Heart: [appears as a human boy] Hey. What do you know? The Camp Champ.
Christy: Me?
Dark Heart: Yeah, sure. You are the Camp Champ, ain't you?
Christy: No...I'm not.
Dark Heart: Well, you sure could've fooled me.
Christy: Who are you?
Dark Heart: Well, I'm from the camp on the other side of the river. Say! You wouldn't want to be the Camp Champ, would ya? I could fix it for you. What do you say?
Christy: Well, I don't know.
Dark Heart: There's only one catch, though.
Christy: I knew it was too good to be true.
Dark Heart: Not so fast. It's no big deal. Sometime I'll drop by and ask you to return a favour. And you it. No questions asked. What do you say?
Christy: Ah, you can't make me Camp Champ.
Dark Heart: Oh, no?
Christy: Sure! Okay! You got a deal. Now go ahead and make me Camp Champ.
Dark Heart: A favour now...for a favour later. (snaps fingers magically) Done! Do a cartwheel.
Christy: A cartwheel? I can't do a cart—
Dark Heart: Just do it!
[Christy gasps at the demand, but succeeds in doing the cartwheel anyway.]
Christy: I did it! I did it! You were telling the truth!
Dark Heart: Cartwheels are nothing. Now you can race, swim, paddle...
Christy: I am going to be the Camp Champ!
Dark Heart: Just remember: When I come back, you owe me a favour. And I will be back.

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