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Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation

Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation quotes

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Care Bear Cousins
Care Bears
Dark Heart
Great Wishing Star

View Quote [The morning of the Care Bear Family's first caring Mission]
True Heart and Noble Heart (together): Oh!
Noble Heart Horse: Look.
True Heart Bear: The Caring Meter! Someone must need our help down on Earth. What'll we do?
Noble Heart Horse: Why...go and help them! Ooh...hurry, hurry! Wait a minute.
True Heart Bear: Wait.
Both: But who's going to look after the Cubs? (after Baby Swift Heart Rabbit giggles, looking at the two) I will. One of us has to go...Right. I'll go! (thudding at each other) Oof!
True Heart Bear: I'll go this time, Noble Heart. You stay here and look after the Cubs.
View Quote [True Heart and Noble Heart try to stare away Dark Heart.]
True Heart Bear: Noble Heart, look! It's not Dark Heart at all.
Noble Heart Horse: It's,'s, his shadow.
True Heart Bear: We've been tricked into leaving the Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins all alone!
Noble Heart Horse: Hurry! We have to get back and hope we're not too late!
View Quote [True Heart hears the campers finishing a race with the Camp Champ being the winner.]
Camp Champ: First back. I win! Ha! John, Dawn and Christy are last again. (laughs with other campers)
Christy: So what else is new?
Camp Champ: Ha, ha, ha! You three are last at everything.
Christy: And you're always first at everything. So what does that make you?
Camp Champ: Camp Champ, that's what. I can run faster, swim better and hike longer than the three of you put together! But big deal—so can every other kid here. (Christy, Dawn and John groan) Let me give you some advice: if you can't keep up, leave. (to his three opponents) Uh...after you do the trash duty. Ha, ha ha!
(others laugh with him as he leaves Christy and company)
View Quote [Trying to run away from camp along with Christy, Dawn and John get lost in the nearby woods.]
Dawn: I'm sure this is the way, John.
John: It will probably lead you right back here.
Great Wishing Star: Well, it seems John and Dawn are having problems of their own.
[Dawn heads down the path she pointed to only to come back to John through another path.]
John: ...See what I mean? We're lost! We can't even run away right.
Dawn: (sighs) Yeah, we're the first to get lost and the last at everything else.
True Heart Bear: This is the path back to camp...if you wanna take it.
Dawn: Who are you?
John: What are you?
True Heart Bear: My name is True Heart. I'm a friend. I've come to help you find your way back to camp.
Dawn and John: Forget it!
John: We're not coming back to camp.
Dawn and John: EVER!
True Heart Bear: Running away from a problem never solved it. You two are just too worried about the things you can't do. Maybe you should think about all the things you can do.
John: Like what?
Dawn: We can't do anything.
True Heart Bear: That's not true. For starters, everyone can share their feelings.
Dawn: Huh! Nobody wants to share anything with us.
John: We're just LOSERS!
View Quote [While Tenderheart and Brave Heart enter Dark Heart's cave, the Star Buddy lights up above the camp outhouse to show that both have gone in.]
Bright Heart Raccoon: There's Brave Heart's signal. So do you two know what you have to do?
Dawn: Leave Christy to us.
John: You help the others.
View Quote (After True Heart and Noble Heart rescue the Cubs from Dark Heart at beginning of film) Well done, my little Star and Heart Buddies. Our search is now over. We have found the two creatures whose love and kindness for others is so great that it sets them apart from the rest of the world. From this day forth, because of their great love and caring, these two shall be known as True Heart Bear... (gives the Bear her star symbol) and Noble Heart Horse. (gives the Horse his heart symbol) And, as they have helped and protected the little orphan Cubs, they shall help others to share their feelings and protect everyone from Dark Heart's evil. (begins narrating duties) And this is how the Care Bear Family began, a long time ago, in the Kingdom of Caring.
View Quote (final lines) Yes, sir! Everything was back to the way it was. But, as always, it was just a little bit different, a little bit better, and a little bit more special—thanks to the Care Bears, the Care Bear Cousins, and thanks to... (laughs, then to audience) Well, you all know who you are. I thank my lucky Stars that there are people out there like you who really do care. You're not afraid to share your feelings—and that, my friends, makes you all world-class Care Bear Champs!