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Camp Rock

Camp Rock quotes

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Mitchie Torres
Shane Gray
Tess Tyler

View Quote (upon entering the kitchen) Hello? (looks around) Who's in here? (rolls his eyes and sighs) I can hear you.
View Quote Brown: Stop acting like it's all about you.
Shane: In my world, it is.
Brown: Oh look. We're in my world. And in my world, you're considered an instructor at this camp. Which means... you've got to instruct.
View Quote Caitlin: Oh you must be hands 5 and 6. I didn't know Connie had a daughter. I'm Caitlin. (Mitchie waves behind bag of chips, runs, and trips into a bucket of mopping water) Oh my gosh, are you ok? (sees who it is) Wait, Mitchie? You're the cook's daughter! She's your mom! Oh, this is rich! But appearantly you're not.
Mitchie: What are you waiting for, huh? Go and tell everybody.
Caitlin: Maybe I will.
Mitchie: Fine, whatever.
Caitlin: How long did you think you could keep your little secret?
Mitchie: Longer than this...
Caitlin: Why?
Mitchie: Why do you care?
Caitlin: Oh, I don't! But when I tell everybody, I want the whole backstory!
Mitchie: I just wanted to fit in, ok?
Caitlin: I think your whole charade is stupid and immature. You're hiding behind some crazy lie!
Mitchie: (snaps) And what about you, huh?! You lie too! Your whole 'I don't care about anything' attitude! Well, if you don't care, why are you here?
(Caitlin stares at her, surprised and hurt. Connie enters and sees Mitchie soaking wet.)
Connie: Mitchie! What happened to you?
Caitlin: (whispers) She got drowned in her lies.
Connie: What, Caitlin?
Caitlin: Nothing. (leaves the room)
Mitchie: Caitlin, wait!
Connie: No, you can talk later. First, get out of these wet clothes!
View Quote Caitlyn: Aren't you gonna get in line?
Mitchie: Oh, it's not me. Trust me. Besides, he's never heard me sing.
View Quote Jason: Guess who!!!
Shane: You're in the room, I can see you.
Jason: I CAN SEE YOU TOO!! I've missed you. (inhales) GROUP HUG! (hugs Nate and Shane, neither whom hug him back) Much better. It just hasn't been the same just hugging Nate.
Nate: (sarcastically, at being released) Yeah. It hasn't.
View Quote Mitchie: Hi, I'm Mitchie.
Tess: Hi, I'm Tess Tyler.
Mitchie: Oh my god, I love your mom!
Tess: Of course you do...
Mitchie: I'm Mitchie Torres.
Peggy: Hey, is your dad Nickie Torres the composer? My dad staged one of his shows.
Mitchie: No.
Ella: Then what does he do?
Mitchie: He owns a hardware store. (Tess, Peggy and Ella turn to leave.) But my mom...
Peggy: Yeah?
Mitchie: the president of Hot Tunes TV. In China. Yeah, it's a big huge market over there.
Tess: Wow, cool.
Ella: So cool.
Peggy: Major cool! Ok. So have you met anybody?
Mitchie: Yeah, like everybody! Last summer I was in like three music videos. Yeah, but I mean you could hardly see me, I was in the back.
Tess: Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?
Peggy: Of course!
Ella: Absolutely. (beat) What are we thinking?
Tess: There's an extra bed in our cabin. It's yours if you want it.
Mitchie: Really?
Tess: Totally! We're going to be great friends. Come on! Sit with us in the VIP section.
(They leave.)
Caitlyn: (upset) I'm good. Thanks for asking.
View Quote Mitchie: So, have you found your special girl yet?
Shane: Why are you jealous?
Mitchie: Jerk!
Shane: Hey! Being a jerk is part of the rockstar image.
Mitchie: Keeping up an image can be tiring.
Shane: But it keeps the posers away. I never know if people are hanging with me for the free stuff, or for the parties.
Mitchie: Oh, definitely the free stuff.
Shane: Funny.
Mitchie: C'mon, I know you're really not a jerk. I mean you're helping Andy with his dancing. And those screaming girls seem to like you.
Shane: Which brings me back to the whole jealous thing.
Mitchie: I take that back! You ARE a jerk!
View Quote Nate: (to Shane) Are you getting too much sun?
Jason: Yeah, we can bring you a hat when we come and visit!
View Quote Shane: (upon entering the kitchen) Hello? (looks around) Who's in here? (rolls his eyes and sighs) I can hear you.
Mitchie: (throws flour on her face to conceal her identity; gets up to greet Shane) Hi.
Shane: Do you work here?
Mitchie: Uh-huh, yes.
Shane: Wow. You really get into your work. I'm Shane. I'm sure even the kitchen help knows that.
Mitchie: Of course! It's so nice to meet you!
Shane: Actually, it's not so nice. You see, I had my manager send over my food allergy list, but after not being able to even go near my breakfast this morning.... Can I just speak to whoever's in charge?
Mitchie: Excuse me?
Shane: What?
Mitchie: Well, you're kind of being a jerk.
Shane: And you are?
Mitchie: A person! And there's a way to talk to a person, and that's not it.
Shane: I'll just have my manager send the list over. (starts to leave)
Mitchie: Fine. (clears throat)
Shane: Thank you?
Mitchie: Much better.
View Quote Shane: I don't wanna waste my summer at some camp! I'm Shane Gray for crying out loud!
Nate: Hey, man, we used to love this place. Three years ago, we were campers.
Jason: Yeah this is where 'Connect 3'... connected.
Nate: And you get to see your Uncle Brown.
Shane: Not a selling point.
Nate: Look, man, right now, you're the bad boy of the press, and the label has a problem with that, which means we have a problem with that.
Jason: Actually, I don't really have a problem with that. (sees Nate's glare) We have a problem with that!
Nate: This camp thing is supposed to fix that. It's good PR. So do your time. Enjoy the fresh air, (inhales) get a tan.
Jason: Oh, and can you make me like a birdhouse or something?
Shane: One word: Payback!
Jason: That's two words!
(Shane exits the limo)
Nate: By the way, we told the press you'd be recording a duet with the winner of Final Jam.
Shane: WHAT?!
(Nate just waves as the limo drives off)
View Quote Shane: So I guess my search is over.
Mitchie: Well, it depends on who you're looking for. Hi, I'm Mitchie.
Shane: Hi, I'm Shane. You up for a canoe ride later?
Mitchie: I wouldn't miss it. (Both laugh)
View Quote Tess: Mitchie! Tell us about your mom again.
Caytlin: Her mom is... a great person! (to Barron) What's your mom like?
Barron: Uhh... she's like... a mom?
View Quote (Mitchie and Shane are canoeing on the lake.)
Mitchie: I don't think we're doing this right.
Shane: What, you don't like going in circles?
View Quote (Shane confronts Mitchie after overhearing her confession.)
Mitchie: Shane.
Shane: You were lying all summer!
Mitchie: Yes, but I--
Shane: You know, I'm so used to people pretending around me.
Mitchie: I was not pretending--
Shane: And I really thought you were different! But you're just like everyone else. You wanted to be friends with 'Shane Gray', not me. Trick's on me, huh?
Mitchie: I was trying to--
Shane: Save it for your interview with Pop Informer Magazine. I know I gave you an earful.
View Quote (Shane's cellphone rings.)
Shane: (answers it) Hello?
Jason: Hey buddy, how's my birdhouse coming?
Nate: Jason!
Jason: Sorry, it's not my fault you didn't ask him to make you anything.
Nate: I didn't want anything!
Jason: Well, I wanted a birdhouse!
Nate: What would you want a birdhouse for?
Jason: I wanted to see more birds in my--
Shane: Guys! GUYS!
Nate and Jason: Sorry....
Shane: About me recording with the camper...
Nate: You gotta do it, man. No go backs.
Jason: Yeah, no go backs... it's, like, the golden rule.
Nate: No dude, the golden rule is tell the truth.
Jason: Dude! Then it can be the silver rule.
Nate: Why is it the silver rule?
Jason: Okay, fine, the copper rule.
Nate: Copper rule?
Jason: Give me tin, at least.
Shane: Guys?
Nate and Jason: Sorry...