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Marguerite: Baron de Varville is not a patient man. And you're in the mood to quarrel with him tonight.
Armand: Naturally you don't want to lose your rich admirer, I understand. Your own fortune would fall with him.
Marguerite: Armand, he's not to blame for what happened - that I swear.
Armand: Then how could you do what you did? I'll tell you. Because your heart is a thing that can be bought and sold. Yes, I know you gave it to me for a whole summer, but when it came to a choice, the jewels and carriages he could give you were worth more than my love, my devotion, my life.
Marguerite: Yes, that's true. I'm a completely worthless woman and no man should risk his life for me. For that reason alone, I beg you leave this place at once.
Armand: I will. I will on one condition - that you'll go with me.
Marguerite: No.
Armand: I came back to Paris to tell you that I despise you, and I do. But I love you too. [She falls limp back into his arms]
Marguerite: No.
Armand: Say you'll go away with me, we'll forget the past. We'll never turn back.
Marguerite: No, no.
Armand: I doubled my fortune tonight at his expense. And when that's gone, I'll work, I'll beg, borrow, I'll steal, but I must be with you always, always.
Marguerite: When I hear you talking such a future, I realize I'm right in doing what I did. Look. Do you suppose we could ever be happy together even if I were free to act as I choose?
Armand: But you are free. We're both free.
Marguerite: I've given a solemn promise never to return to you.
Armand: To whom?
Marguerite: To someone that had the right to ask you.
Armand: To the Baron de Varville?
Marguerite: [painfully lying] Yes.
Armand: Then you do love him. Dare to tell me that you love him. You're free of me forever.
Marguerite: I love him.

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