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By Dawn's Early Light

By Dawn's Early Light quotes

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View Quote Alice: Turn the bombers. See what happens.
Condor: You don't understand what's going on here, do you? If we stop now, we lose. This president has the determination to wage a nuclear war until an acceptable outcome is achieved.
Alice: Acceptable to whom, Sir?
Condor: Acceptable to me, and the American people. Now you put another bomber on the henhouse, fast. Did you get that?
Alice: I hear you, Sir.
Condor: You put out general orders, to bring down Polar Bear One. Did you hear that?
Alice: Yes, Sir.
Condor: You don't sound convinced, General.
Alice: I don't believe I am, Sir.
[Colonel Fargo whispered to Acting President]: We have a capability to give the orders from here. Condor: Fine, fine. We can send the orders from here.
Alice: I suggest you do that, Sir.
Condor: Am I hearing you correctly?
Alice: I believe you did.
Condor: General, you're fired.
View Quote Alice: We got a Two One Zebra.
Colonel Sam: Jesus! You're kidding.
Alice: Wish the hell I was.
View Quote Captain Moreau: I think we have to face up to the reality...
Major Cassidy: If we are lucky, reality is a firing squad.
Captain Moreau: And if we are unlucky?
Major Cassidy: Planet of the Apes, Darlin'. Remember Two One Zebra?.
View Quote Gen. Renning: Well, I've done about all I can. You and Harpoon take it from here. Old buddy?
Alice: Yeah, Clay?
Gen. Renning: Happy Hunting!! [Screen aboard "Looking Glass" aircraft goes to snow, indicating that SAC Headquarters has been destroyed.]
View Quote Harpoon: Recall some of our bombers. See how the Soviets respond.
Condor: Hmm.
Colonel Fargo: Mr. President. There is another solution. Cut the head off the chicken.
View Quote Major Cassidy: What am I supposed to do? Shoot you? Eject you? Put you down on the ice?
Captain Moreau: Turn the plane, Major. That's what I want you to do. Turn the plane.
View Quote US President: No, General. This is my responsibility. I will not act precipitously on the basis of some goddamn computer.
General Renning: The goddamn computer will be destroyed in twenty-one minutes along with everyone here.