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Card Player #2: Well, looks like you just about cleaned everybody out, fella. You haven't lost a hand since you got to deal. What's the secret of your success?
Sundance Kid: Prayer.
Butch Cassidy: We seem to be a little short on brotherly love around here.
Gunman: If you're with him, you'd better get yourself out of here.
Butch Cassidy: We're on our way. Come on.
Sundance Kid: I wasn't cheating.
Butch Cassidy: Come on!
Sundance Kid: [louder] I wasn't cheating.
Gunman: You can die. For that matter, you can both die.
Butch Cassidy: You hear that?
Sundance Kid: If he invites us to stay, then we'll go...He's got to invite us to stick around.
Butch Cassidy: He'll draw on ya. He's ready. You don't know how fast he is. I'm over the hill, but it can happen to you.
Sundance Kid: That's just what I want to hear.
Butch Cassidy: Every day you get older. Now that's a law! [The gunman ****s his pistol] What would you think about maybe asking us to stick around?
Gunman: What?
Butch Cassidy: You don't have to mean it or anything. Just ask us to stick around. I promise you...[The gunman refuses to listen and pushes Butch away] I can't help you, Sundance.
[When the gunman realizes that he is up against quick-draw "Sundance," a horrified, dismayed look crosses his face]
Gunman: I didn't know you were the Sundance Kid when I said you were cheating. If I draw on you, you'll kill me.
Sundance Kid: There's that possibility.
Butch Cassidy: No, you'd be killing yourself. So why don't you just invite us to stick around? You can do it, and easy. Come on. [coaxing] Come on.
Gunman: Why don't you stick around?
Butch Cassidy: Thanks, but hah, we gotta get goin'. [He scoops up the Kid's winnings into his hat]
Gunman: [as Sundance strides out] Hey Kid! Hey Kid! How good are ya? '[[Sundance wheels around and fires, detaching the gunman's gunbelt from his waist and sending his gun skittering across the room]
Butch Cassidy: [as they leave] Like I've been tellin' ya, over the hill.

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