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The Bullfighters

The Bullfighters quotes

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View Quote Oliver the skeleton: Well, Here's another nice mess you've gotten me into!
Stan the skeleton: (whines) But I couldn't help it, You always picked on me!
Oliver the skeleton: Come on, Let's get out of here and go back to Peoria, where we belong!!
View Quote Richard K. Muldoon: After five years, the guilty man confessed, and I was released. But I lost everything. My lawyers took my entire fortune, my wife divorced me, my family was broken up, everything. (Furiously) THOSE TWO BLOODHOUNDS RUINED MY LIFE! I HAD TO FLEE TO MEXICO TO START LIFE ANEW! But I'll run into them again! When I do catch them, I will skin them alive! First the little one, Then the big one! I'll skin them BOTH alive!!!
View Quote Stan Laurel: Maybe you'd better go up to him and apologize. That's a terrible thing to do to a fella.
Oliver Hardy: I'd better go up to him and apologize?! You're the one who so falsely accused him! Why if you had any spark of manhood left in you right now, you'd go right up to him and apologize.
Stan Laurel: Well okay, I'll go to..
Hot Shot Coleman: Excuse me, if you'll take my advice, you'll never cross his path again. Because he told me if he ever saw you again he was going to skin you alive. "First the little one, then the big one," he said. "I'LL SKIN THEM BOTH ALIVE!!" Now if you are smart enough, You should get out of town right now. Because Richard K. Muldoon is like an elephant, He never forgets.