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The Brothers Grimm

The Brothers Grimm quotes

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The Mirror Queen
Will Grimm

View Quote Angelika: Show us the way, Grandmother Toad, and I'll give you a kiss. [she licks the toad.]
Will Grimm: That's just not right.
View Quote Jacob Grimm: Angelika, we'll find your sisters. All right, we'll bring them back.
Will Grimm: [getting angry] Bring back her sisters? [he kicks Jacob] Bring them back? Bring them back with what? Magic beans?
Jacob Grimm: Why do you say that?
Will Grimm: Magic beans don't work! They don't bring people back to life! They did not then and they will not now!
View Quote Will Grimm: We cannot fight an entire forest!
Angelika: You're just scared!
Will Grimm: Just scared? I'm terrified!
View Quote Will Grimm: We're here to save your land from evil enchantments.
Sasha: Papa, they're famous!
Will Grimm: Right you are, son! The famous Brothers Grimm! Look at this strapping young man.
Father: He is my daughter.
Will Grimm: And a fine wife he'll make some lucky man!
View Quote Will Grimm: You killed my friends!
Delatombe: I only wish you had more!
View Quote [Bunst and Hidlick see Sasha get "eaten" by a mud creature.]
Bunst: I... I do believe I've soiled myself.
Hidlick: Oh, good... I thought it was me.
View Quote [Women are talking upstairs.]
Will Grimm: What do you say, Jake? A little chit, a little chat.
Jacob Grimm: A little huff, a little puff. Thank you very much, Will.
View Quote I made that armour! It's not magic... it's just shiny.
View Quote It seems that the music has turned horribly French.
View Quote Miss Krauss, perhaps you don't realize who we are. We're the Brothers Grimm, the men who vanquished the mill witch of Karlstadt, the frog boy of Glutenhof, and the cannibal chef of the Schwarzwald in the gingerbread house of terror.
View Quote Truth is much more terrible than fiction.
View Quote What a beautiful bedtime story this will be!
View Quote Who's the fairest of them all?