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Boyhood quotes

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Mason Evans Jr.

View Quote Bill Welbrock: You don't like me much, do you Mason? [pause] That's okay, neither do I.
View Quote Nicole: You know how everyone's always saying seize the moment? I don't know, I'm kind of thinking it's the other way around, you know, like the moment seizes us.
View Quote Dad: [Mason Jr. bowls a gutterball] Alright, don't worry about it.
Mason: Wish we could use the bumpers.
Dad: Bumpers are for kids! Y'know, what're you, two years old? You don't want the bumpers. Life doesn't give you bumpers.
View Quote Mason: Dad? ...There's no, like, real magic in the world, right?
Dad: What do you mean?
Mason: You know, like elves and stuff. People just made that up.
Dad: Oh, I don't know. I mean, what makes you think that elves are any more magical than something like... like a whale? You know what I mean? What if I told you a story about how underneath the ocean, there was this giant sea mammal that used sonar and sang songs and it was so big that its heart was the size of a car and you could crawl through the arteries? I mean, you'd think that was pretty magical, right?
Mason: Yeah. But, like... right this second, there's, like, no elves in the world, right?
Dad: [beat] No. Technically, no elves.
View Quote Mason: Hey, Jim. I'm sorry I'm so late.
Jim: What time were you supposed to be home?
Mason: I dunno, awhile ago.
Jim: Awhile ago like, thirty minutes ago, an hour ago? 'Cause... truthfully, nobody even knew where you were until your sister told us. She's been home for awhile.
Mason: ...I'm sorry.
Jim: Yeah, been hearin' a lot of that lately. See, but you don't actually care. You just kinda... kinda come and go as you please and... you don't care if your mom's upset, or what time you gotta be home... Is that what's up?
Mason: [beat] I don't know what to tell you.
Jim: Stop mumbling! You know, speak up! I can't understand a word comin' outta your mouth. It's just like, "uh uhh nuhh" and I ask you questions and you just—
Mason: Man, can I just have one day where everyone isn't all over my ass?!
[Jim gets up abruptly and advances on Mason]
Jim: I'm up your ass? This is my house. Now, if you wanna live in my house... then you get home when you say you're gonna be home.
Mason: You know, Jim, you're not my dad.
Jim: No, I'm not your dad. You know how I know that? 'Cause I'm actually here. I'm the guy with the job, payin' the bills, takin' care of you, your mom, your sister, huh? Huh?! [Mason enters and closes the door] I'm that guy!
View Quote Mason: I just feel like there are so many things that I could be doing and probably want to be doing that I'm just not.
Sheena: Why aren't you?
Mason: I mean, I guess it's... just being afraid of what people would think. You know, judgement.
Sheena: Yeah. I guess it's really easy to say, like "I don't care what anyone else thinks." But everyone does, you know?
Mason: Exactly.
Sheena: Deep down.
Mason: I find myself so furious at all these people that I am in contact with just for... controlling me or whatever, but you know, they are not even aware they are doing it.
Sheena: Yeah. [beat] So, in this perfect world, where no one's controlling you—what's different? What changes?
Mason: Everything. I mean, I just wanna be able to do anything I want, because it makes me feel alive. As opposed to giving me the appearance of normality.
Sheena: Whatever that means.
Mason: I don't think it means much.
Sheena: You're kinda weird, you know that?
Mason: Yeah? Is that a compliment?
Sheena: I don't know. Do you wanna be weird?
Mason: I mean, I don't wanna like scare kids at the park, or anything like that. [pause] I really like talking with you. I don't usually even try to like vocalize my thoughts, or feelings or anything. Just— I don't know, it never sounds right. Words are stupid.
Sheena: So why are you trying with me?
Mason: I don't know. I guess I feel comfortable.
Sheena: I'm glad.
View Quote Mason: Mom, do you still love Dad?
Mom: I still love your father... but that doesn't mean it was healthy for us to stay together.
Mason: What if after we move he's trying to find us, and he can't?
Mom: Oh, that won't be a problem. He can call Grandma and she'll tell him, or he can call Information. We won't won't be hard to find.
Mason: Is he still in Alaska?
Mom: Well, that's what your uncle says. [chuckles]
Mason: Probably taming polar bears or something.
Mom: Yeah, well, I hope they're taming him.
View Quote Mason: So what's the point?
Dad: Of what?
Mason: I don't know, any of this. Everything.
Dad: Everything? What's the point? I mean, I sure as shit don't know. Neither does anybody else, okay? We're all just winging it, you know? The good news is you're feeling stuff. Y'know, and you've got to hold on to that. You do. I mean, you get older and you don't feel as much. Your skin gets tougher. The point is those pictures you took, thousands of submissions from all over the state, and you won.
Mason: Well, I got silver. And nine other people did, too.
Dad: I'm gonna kill you. I'm tryin' to tell you that I believe in you, Mason. I think you're really special, and if some girl doesn't see that, then **** her, y'know?
View Quote Mom: [Driving Mason Jr. home from school] I had a good meeting with Miss Butler this time, I kinda like her.
Mason: What'd she say?
Mom: Well, she said that you weren't turning in your homework assignments. And I told her, "I know he does them 'cause I check 'em every night." She said she found a big chunk of 'em crumpled up at the bottom of your backpack.
Mason: She didn't ask for 'em.
Mom: Well, baby, she doesn't have to. You're just supposed to turn 'em in. And she said you're still staring out the window all day.
Mason: Not all day.
Mom: And said that you destroyed her pencil sharpener.
Mason: Not on purpose!
Mom: Wait—she said that you crammed a bunch of rocks in it.
Mason: I thought if we could sharpen pencils, maybe we could sharpen rocks.
Mom: [beat] Well, what were you gonna do with a bunch of sharpened rocks?
Mason: I was trying to make arrowheads for my rock collection.
Mom: ...Hmm.
View Quote Mr. Turlington: [enters the darkroom] How long have you been in here, Mason?
Mason: Not sure.
Mr. Turlington: I'm sure: All class. Did you complete your image diary?
Mason: Not yet.
Mr. Turlington: Completed your, uh... digital contact sheet?
Mason: Not quite, but, I mean, it's not gonna take me long.
Mr. Turlington: "Not yet." "Not quite." Darkroom time is extracurricular. I mean, technically, you don't ever have to be in here these days. And certainly not until you've completed your assignments. That's the deal.
Mason: [sarcastically] Sorry.
Mr. Turlington: I'm worried about you, Mason.
Mason: [laughs] Why is that?
Mr. Turlington: I'll tell you why. The images you're turning in — they're cool. You're looking at things in a really unique way. Got a lot of natural talent.
Mason: Thanks.
Mr. Turlington: Yeah, but that and 50 cents will just get you a cup of coffee in this old world. I've met a lot of talented people over the years. How many of them made it professionally without discipline, commitment and a really good work ethic?
[Mason shrugs]
Mr. Turlington: I can tell ya. I can count it on two fingers: [makes A-ok hand gesture] Zero. It's not gonna happen for you, Mason. The world is too competitive. There are too many talented people who are willing to work hard; and a buttload of morons who are untalented, who are more than willing to surpass you. As a matter of fact, a lot of them are sitting in that classroom out there right now. Hm? You know what they're doing? They're doing their assignments. Which is what you're supposed to be doing, but you're not. You're in here. Now, why is that? You're special, Mason?
Mason: No, but, I mean, the things you're talking about, like, work ethic or whatever, I feel like I do work pretty hard. I spend the whole weekend taking pictures a lot of times.
Mr. Turlington: [beat] You like football, Mason?
Mason: Not really.
Mr. Turlington: Yeah, I know you don't. That's why I've just assigned you to shoot the football game tonight. Okay? Starts at 7.30, I want you to get there early. I want you to shoot a full card, 300 images. I want 'em downloaded, I want 'em sorted, and I wanna see 'em very first thing Monday, okay? Wanna know why I'm doing this?
Mason: I guess.
Mr. Turlington: Who do you wanna be, Mason? What do you wanna do?
Mason: I wanna take pictures. Make art.
Mr. Turlington: Any dipshit can take pictures, Mason. Art, that's special. What can you bring to it that nobody else can?
Mason: [beat] That's what I'm trying to find out.
Mr. Turlington: Try harder. Hey, maybe in 20 years you can call old Mr. Turlington, and you can say: "Thank you, sir, for that terrific darkroom chat we had that day." [walks out of the darkroom] Get back to class and do your work.
View Quote Samantha: [after leaving Bill's family for good] Why couldn't Randy and Mindy come with us?
Mom: I'm not their legal guardian, honey. That would be kidnapping. I can't just...
Samantha: What's gonna happen to them? What happens when their legal guardian is dangerous and abusive?
Mom: I don't know, honey. I called their mom. I called the Child Protective Services. Y'know... I have you and your brother. We're in a dangerous situation. You're my responsibility.
Samantha: Are we ever gonna see them again?
Mom: I don't know... I hope so.
Samantha: How much longer are we gonna be here?
Mom: Not long. We're... [starts crying] I don't... I don't have all the answer, baby...
View Quote Samantha: [as the family leaves their house for the last time before moving] Goodbye, yard! Goodbye, crepe myrtle! Goodbye, mailbox! Goodbye, box of stuff Mommy won't let us take with us but we don't want to throw away. Goodbye, house, I'll never like Mommy as much for making us move!
Mom: Samantha! Why don't you say goodbye to that little horseshit attitude, okay? 'Cause we're not taking that in the car.
View Quote [before Mason is leaving for college when Olivia breaks down]
Mom: This is the worst day of my life.
Mason: What are you talking about?
Mom: I knew this day was coming. I just... I didn't know you were going to be so ****in' happy to be leaving.
Mason: I mean, it's not that I'm that happy... what do you expect?
Mom: You know what I'm realizing? My life is just going to go, like that. This series of milestones. Getting married, having kids, getting divorced. The time that we thought you were dyslexic. When I taught you how to ride a bike. Getting divorced... again, getting my master's degree, finally getting the job I wanted. Sending Samantha off to college. Sending you off to college. You know what's next? Huh? It's my ****in' funeral! [beat] Just go! And leave my picture!
[long beat]
Mason: Aren't you jumping ahead by, like, 40 years or something?
Mom: I just... thought there would be more.
View Quote [in the bathroom, one of the two bullies turns and wanders over to Mason, intentionally bumps into him]
Bully 1: Don't bump into me! Little bitch!
Mason: I didn't!
Bully 1: You callin' me a liar?
Mason: ..No.
Bully 1: Don't act like you're tough shit, mother****er.
[the other bully joins the altercation]
Bully 2: I don't think Pretty Boy's hair's good enough. [about to mess Mason's hair but slapped] Hey! Don't touch me, ****!
[another student enters the bathroom minding his own business. Bully 1 shoves Mason and flips him off as they exit]
Bully 1: You're a ****in' asshole.
View Quote [Mason and Randy return home finding Olivia lying on the garage floor sobbing]
Mason: Mom, are you okay?
Randy: What happened?
Olivia: No... go in the house! [Bill appears] Go! Go in the house!! Go in the house!
Bill: Your mother had a little accident. [Mason and Randy leave] Now she's being dramatic. [to Olivia] Get off the ****ing floor, Olivia. For Christ's sake!