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The Book of Life

The Book of Life quotes

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View Quote Butchler: Do you take Manolo to be your husband?
Maria: I do. [Manolo and Maria smile at each other]
Candle Maker By the power vested in us by, The Book of Life..
Butchler: I now pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss- [Maria kisses Manolo and sweeps him to the side]
Butchler: The groom?! [Candle Maker laughs]
Carmen: She is gonna be a great Sanchez [ Carlos holds back tears]
Maria: Manolo?! [Manolo hands out his hand then sweeps Maria to the side and kisses her with passion]
Chakal:[Growles] [Manolo puts his finger up while kissing Maria(his dream)][Manolo is finally done kissing Maria and stands her back up while she is still in shock he looks at her satisficed]
Manolo Hold this for me amigo [Manolo tosses his guitar to Joaquin][ Joaquin catches]
View Quote Carlos: People said I was the greatest bullfighter in our family's history, bit it is you, my son, who'll be the greatest Sanchez ever! They will write songs about you.
Young Manolo: And I will sing them!
Carlos: Wait, what?
Young Manolo: (laughs nervously) I will sing them?
Carlos: (sighs) Son, music is not work fit for a Sanchez bullfighter.
Young Manolo: But I want to be a musician.
Carlos: No, you must focus. Your training begins at once. Your grampa, Luis, taught me when I was about your age.
Young Manolo: Wait, isn't that when that bull put you in a coma?
Carlos: Ah, memories. My only son fighting angry, thousand-pound beasts. The family tradition continues.
Young Manolo: (sarcastically) Yay!
View Quote Carmelo: He's new
Jorge: He reminds me of me. (laughs) But less handsome.
View Quote Manolo: I know about the wager. Xibalba cheated!
La Muerte: He did WHAT?!
Manolo: Yeah! With a two-headed snake!
(La Muerte starts to boil with rage)
Candle Maker: You might wanna cover your ears right now.
La Muerte: XIIIIIIII...BAAAAALLLLLLL...BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! (engulfs the Land of the Forgotten in light)
Xibalba: (suddenly appears when the brightness faded) Yes, my dear? (suddenly shocked when he sees Manolo and the group) Oh.
La Muerte: You misbegotten son of a leprous donkey! YOU CHEATED!! AGAIN!!!
Xibalba: I did no such thing! (La Muerte grabs Xibalba's two-headed snake and turns it back into a staff) Oh, that. It has a mind of its own...or two.
La Muerte: That is unforgivable!
Xibalba: Oh, please! I never sent that snake to Maria, and I never gave that medal to Joaquin! (realizes what he just said)
La Muerte: (suspicious) What...medal?
Xibalba: The..... one I never gave him. Ever at all. Never. Who is this Joaquin?
La Muerte: (grabs Xibalba) You gave Joaquin the Medal of Everlasting Life?!
Xibalba: Yes.
Manolo: "Medal of Everlasting Life"?
La Muerte: Whoever wears the medal cannot die or be injured. (slaps Xibalba)
Carmen: Please, may I? (is lifted, and then slaps Xibalba repeatedly) Thank you. (glares at Xibalba as she descends back down)
Candle Maker: Uh, can I get a slap, too?
View Quote Manolo: Meet me at the bridge at dawn.
Maria: I can't, Manolo. My father won't...
Manolo: Please, Maria. I beg you.
(Maria agrees, Manolo slides down the streetlamp, Xibalba watches Manolo running for the Proposal Tree.)
Xibalba: If she meets him alone, I will lose the wager. (summons his two-headed snake) Fix this for me, old friend.
View Quote Mary Beth: And so, Joaquin learned that to be a true hero...
Jane: You have to be selfless.
View Quote Xibalba: So then, if my boy marries the girl, I will finally rule the Land of the Dead.
La Muerte: And if my boy marries the girl, you will... (grabs Xibalba's beard) you will stop interfering with the affairs of man!
Xibalba: What?! I can't do that! C'mon, it's the only fun I ever get!
La Muerte: Then the bet is off.
Xibalba: Very well, my dear. By the ancient rules, (Xibalba and La Muerte shake hands) the wager is set.
View Quote Xibalba: You never cease to amaze me, mi amor. Such passion.
La Muerte: Anyone can die. These kids, they will have the courage to live.
Xibalba: I'll wager you are right, my love.
(Xibalba and La Muerte kiss)
Candle Maker: Hey, write your own story.
View Quote (General Posada looks at the mess that María set the animals free)
General Posada: That girl is in so much trouble!
Young María: Uh-oh.
General Posada: (yelling) MA-RI-A!!!
Young María: (to General Posada) I'm sorry, Papa. It's just that I-- (María gasps as she looks at Manolo's broken guitar) Manolo's guitar.
Young Manolo: (gasps)
General Posada: María, this rebellious nonsense ends now! You are going to become a proper lady.
Young María: (confused) Why?
General Posada: BECAUSE I SAID SO! I'm sending you to Spain. The sisters at the convent of the perpetual flame of purity will straighten you out.
All: What?!
Young María: But, Papa!
General Posada: No, it is decided. NOW GO HOME!
(María runs away crying)