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The Director: [watching over recording of filming of Bolt up to the point of the swarming of Calico's men when he sees a boom mic in the background] Ugh! Boom mic?!
Worker #1: We got a boom mic.
Worker #2: It's a boom mic.
The Director: That's sloppy. The dog could have seen that. He could have seen that!
Mindy: Uh, who cares if the dog sees a boom mic?
The Director: Forgive me for answering a question with a question, but who are you?
Mindy: Mindy Parker, from the Network.
The Director: Of course. Let me ask you, Mindy from the Network, what do you see here? [points to the screen with picture of Bolt]
Mindy: Uh, the dog.
The Director: [whispers] "The dog", she says. Oh, Mindy. Poor, poor Mindy.
Mindy: Am I... missing something?
The Director: You're missing everything, Mindy. You see a dog. I see an animal who believes with every fiber of his being, every fiber, that the girl he loves is in mortal danger. I see a depth of emotion on the face of that canine the likes of which have never been captured on screen before. Never, Mindy from the Network! We jump through hoops to make sure Bolt believes everything is real. It's why we don't miss marks. It's why we don't re-shoot. And it's why we most certainly do not let the dog see boom mics! [sighs] Because, Mindy from the Network, [reaches hand up to a screen showing a close-up of Bolt's determined expression] if the dog believes it, the audience, believes it!
Mindy: Wow. Okay, you want reality, here you go, chief. The show's too predictable. The girl's in danger, the dog saves her from the creepy English guy, we get it. There's always a happy ending. And our focus groups tell us that 18 to 35-year-olds are unhappy. They're not happy with happy. So maybe you should, I don't know, spend a little less time worrying about the dog's method acting and more time figuring how to stop 20-year-olds in Topeka from changing the channel, because if you lose so much as half a rating point, so help me I will fire everyone in this room, starting with you! How's that for real? [slams the door]
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