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The Bold Caballero

The Bold Caballero quotes

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Don Diego Vega
Governor Palma
Lady Isabella Palma

View Quote Commandante Sebastian Golle: What's she want here?
Don Diego Vega: For breakfast, a priest to bury her father. For lunch, Zorro's head on a pikestaff.
Commandante Sebastian Golle: She does, eh? Thinks she can give me orders? I'll get my hands on her and govern her with a lash.
Don Diego Veg: Bravo. There's no more bracing treat than beating women. Of course, it will cost you your head.
Commandante Sebastian Golle: Oh, what?
Don Diego Vega: The queen is her aunt. And the queen hates having her nieces flogged by the soldiery.
View Quote Commandante Sebastian Golle: You said you'd give anything to him who hangs Zorro, remember? Now, will you give half of Santa Cruz to me... by marriage?
Lady Isabella Palma: I marry a sweating, grease-brain brute like you? No, never.
View Quote Don Diego Vega: Father, the day we've prayed and planned for is at hand. Never again will the peĆ³ns be enslaved for taxes.
The Priest: Our God be praised.
Don Diego Vega: The commandante's rule is over. We have a most wise, a most lovely, and a most beautifully spoiled governor.
View Quote Don Diego Vega: That horse killed a man.
Lady Isabella Palma: All the more reason for a woman to master it. Bring the beast to me.
Don Diego Vega: No, I beg of you, don't break your neck. I have important matters to discuss with you. Your marriage...
Lady Isabella Palma: Marriage? To you, I presume? If you don't mind, I'll break my neck.
View Quote Lady Isabella Palma: But this is treason!
Commandante Sebastian Golle: No, lady. This is common sense. You would betray me tomorrow as you betrayed him today.
View Quote Zorro: Well met, father.
The Priest: God's blessing on the meeting.
View Quote [the Commandante lashes his whip at Don Diego]
Don Diego Vega: Mercy! What have I done?
Commandante Sebastian Golle: Nothing. That's just to keep my hand in incase I have to lash the life out of some fool who would betray me.
View Quote I'm sorry, but I have no use for men who smell of perfume.
View Quote If this be the governor, then angels have turned politicians.
View Quote My father, dying, left me all he had; power, land, money... and a debt of vengeance. I'll pay with all I have... even my life!
View Quote There's an outlaw in these woods. He's lead a native uprising. He must be killed and by whatever means come best at hand.
View Quote Zorro, Zorro, Zorro... You chatter like parlor maids chasing a mouse. I'll hang him within a month.