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Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody quotes

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Freddie Mercury

View Quote Brian May & John Deacon: [Roger picks up the coffee machine and almost throws it; in unison] Not the coffee machine!
View Quote Brian May: It's America. They're Puritans in public, perverts in private.
View Quote Mary Austin: [to Freddie] I love the way you move on stage. The whole room belongs to you. Don't you see what you can be?
View Quote Ray Foster: Mark these words. If they're not careful, by the end of the year, no one will know the name "Queen".
View Quote Roger Taylor: How many more "Galileo"'s do you want?
View Quote Freddie Mercury: [after Queen perform "Radio Ga Ga" at Live Aid] All right, everyone, it's time for a singalong with the crowd!
View Quote Freddie Mercury: [calling Paul on the telephone] Paul.
Paul Prenter: Freddie?
Freddie Mercury: Sweetheart, I want to throw a party.
Paul Prenter: Okay, who do you want to invite?
Freddie Mercury: People! I want you to shake the freak tree and invite anyone who plops to the ground! Dwarfs and giants, magicians, Zulu tribesmen. contortionists, fire eaters, and priests. We're going to need to confess.
View Quote Freddie Mercury: [coming out to Mary] I think I'm bisexual.
Mary Austin: Freddie, you're gay.
View Quote Freddie Mercury: [Finds Jim again] Do you have any idea how many Jim Huttons there are in London?
Jim Hutton: I didn't want to make it too easy for you. How've you been, Fred?
Freddie Mercury: I've been a bit lost, to be honest. And you were right. I could do with a friend. Would you like to have tea with me?
Jim Hutton: Tea?
View Quote Freddie Mercury: [re: Freddie’s new house] What do you think?
Roger Taylor: [re: Freddie’s new moustache] Gayer.
View Quote Freddie Mercury: Get out, you treacherous piss flap!
View Quote Freddie Mercury: I enjoyed the show. I also, I write songs.
Roger Taylor: Well, you're five minutes too late.
Brian May: Our lead singer just quit.
Freddie Mercury: Well, then, you'll need someone new.
Brian May: Any ideas?
Freddie Mercury: What about me?
Roger Taylor: Errr...not with those teeth, mate
View Quote Freddie Mercury: My darlings, the time has finally come to get absolutely SHIT FACED!!!!
View Quote Freddie Mercury: Now you give me a moment to get my bitchy little vocal chords in order and we'll go and punch a hole in the roof of that stadium.
Brian May: Actually, Wembley Stadium doesn't have a roof.
Freddie Mercury: Then we'll punch a hole in the sky.
View Quote Jim Beach: They just need a bit of time.
Freddie Mercury: What if I don't have time?