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[The sorority sisters and Leigh rushes back to the sorority house, and search everything.]
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: What? What?
[Kelli picks up the phone, but the line is busy.]
Kelli Presley: Damn it! [puts back the phone, and uses her cellphone.]
[The girls stare at each window.]
Kelli Presley: [while dialing.] Shit, Shit, Come on, Come on, Come on, Come on. [but the line is still busy.] ****!
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: What's going on?
Kelli Presley: [starts dialing again.] 911 is experiencing heavy caller traffic because of the storm. Hello? Hello? Yes, yes. [The line is responded, Kelli is panting] A girl is... is dead... outside..... Yes!, Yes! I know her... Her name is... Eve Agnew and we're positive that she's been murdered.....
[Ms. Mac realizes it.]
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: He's home.
[Heather covers the window, with a blind.; Melissa walks to Ms. Mac, and reassures it to her.]
Melissa Kitt: No. No, no, no, no, no, Ms. Mac. Billy is dead.
Kelli Presley: ...and three other girls are...---
Leigh Colvin: Are missing. Missing.
Kelli Presley: ...are missing... 566 Oakdale, we're the second house on the... right... Alpha Kappa sorority... Kelli Presley... Wait!, how long until... What?!, No, no! We think he's still outside! Would you wait around that long after what l just told you?!...
[Ms. Mac realizes this and decides to leave.]
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: [to Heather.] Get your purse!
[Heather and Ms. Mac packs up their things.]
Kelli Presley: ...Please, isn't there anything that you--- [The caller hangs up the phone.] Goddamn it! [She turns to everybody.] The storm. Pile-ups over 91. Reservists can't make it out because the streets are all ice. Trees have fallen, and they said they can maybe?... maybe be here in two hours.
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Well, we're all gonna be out of here in two minutes. Get your things. [She and Heather walk to the front door.]
Kelli Presley: And what about Dana?
Heather Fitzgerald: We'll just go over to the ADG house and get help.
Melissa Kitt: No!, they-they've all gone home or-or skiing.
Kelli Presley: Okay, okay, whose family lives the closest, just-just call them.
Melissa Kitt: Lauren, her mom lives in Boston.
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Even if we could reach them on their cellphone, it would take four or five hours before they got here!
[Melissa realizes this.]
Melissa Kitt: Oh shit, Lauren.
[Melissa rushes to Lauren's room to check her.]
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Let's go.
Kelli Presley: No! We stay together. We lock up the house, we got the fireplace poker, a ski pole or some shit, and for the next two hours, not let each other out of our sights.
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: No, We are driving to the police station!
Kelli Presley : In this weather?!
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Even if they can't do anything, at least we will all be safe there!
Kelli Presley: Yeah, and we're not all here! If we were, then I would go.
Leigh Colvin: That's right. Unless I see otherwise, I'm believing that Clair is alive, and when she comes back, it is not gonna be to an empty house.
Kelli Presley: We are safer sticking together.
Heather Fitzgerald: All right, then get your coats! [calling Melissa.] Mel, come on, we're leaving! Let's go!
Melissa Kitt: I'm not leaving Lauren, you bitch!
Kelli Presley: We're sisters. So act like it.
[Ms. Mac decides to follow what Kelli said, and she hugs Kelli.]
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: We'll get the police here as soon as we can. [puts on her hat; she turns to Heather] Let's go.
[Ms. Mac and Heather leave the house, as Kelli locks the door.]

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