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Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Billy, [sighs] Billy, Billy..., Girls I can't find Billy's present under the tree here. Come on, girls, we can't start the Secret Santa without Billy's present. [turns to each of the girls.] Hello? Who drew Billy's name?
Melissa Kitt: Um, Ms. Mac, it's a Secret Santa.
Dana Mathis: [while painting her nails] Can't we just get on with this thing, so I can party for a few days before having to deal with the family on Christmas.
Melissa Kitt: Have you looked outside? It's raining hail the size of Yao's ball sack.
Dana Mathis: It'll stop. The party gods won't allow me to be here by myself over Christmas break.
Kelli Presley: [while wrapping the gift] Oh, I'll be here, Dana.
Dana Mathis: Yeah, they're making me work next week.
Melissa Kitt: That sucks everyone should be home for Christmas.
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: All right, all right, Who's not here?
Kelli Presley: Um, like everybody.
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Chelsea?
Kelli Presley: She went home this morning.
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Greer?
Melissa Kitt: No, that was her on the phone. She and Erin and Taylor are off on that cozy little ski trip with the boys from G.A.D. Next door.
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Didn't I see Clair earlier?
Kelli Presley: Isn't she upstairs writing a card to her sister?
Melissa Kitt: No, I think her sister picked her up earlier. Remember, this is the occasion for Clair and her sister and her mom to... bury the hatchet and rediscover each other.
Dana Mathis: [while dialing her phone] Oh, I'd like to bury the hatchet with my sister... right in her head.

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