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Bicycle Thieves

Bicycle Thieves quotes

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Antonio Ricci

View Quote The Beggar: I mind my own business, I bother nobody, and what do I get? Trouble.
View Quote Employment Officer: Have you got a bike or haven't you?
Antonio Ricci: I've got one. I've got one.
Employment Officer: Remember if you haven't got a bike, there's nothing doing, right?
Antonio Ricci: Think I'm going to wait another two years? I'll be there with a bike.
View Quote Employment Officer: Hey, Ricci, remember your bike! You have to have a bike.
Antonio Ricci: A bike? I have and I haven't. I can't get my hands on it right now. Perhaps in a few days time.
Employment Officer: You need one straight away or they won't take you on.
Antonio Ricci: I can do it on foot for the first few days.
Employment Officer: If you haven't got a bike, you'll have to let someone else take it.
View Quote La Santona: [Addressing a young man seated before her, apparently seeking advice on his love life] You must plant your seeds in another field. Do you understand what I mean?
Young man: No, I don't understand.
La Santona: It's simple, my boy. What good is planting seeds if the soil rejects them? You plant, but don't gather. Understand?
Young man: I haven't understood a word.
La Santona: [Becoming impatient] She doesn't love you! Forget her! [Pausing for effect] Dear boy, you're very ugly. Yes, ugly. There are so many other women... Go and plow another field!
View Quote La Santona: What have they stolen?
Antonio Ricci: My bike.
La Santona: What can I say? I can only tell you what I see. Listen: you'll find it straight away or not at all. Understand? You'll find it straight away or not at all. Keep your eyes open.
Antonio Ricci: Where, straight away?
La Santona: How should I know? Go and try to understand what I said. You'll find it straight away or not at all.
View Quote [to Bruno] Do you fancy a pizza? Come on, then! Come on, let's go! What the hell. We might as well go out in style. What's the point in worrying about it all?
View Quote I've been cursed since the day I was born.
View Quote There's a cure for everything except death.
View Quote Why should I kill myself worrying when I'll end up just as dead?
View Quote You live and you suffer.
View Quote Your mother and her prayers can't help us.