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Judah: I would do anything for you, Messala... except betray my own people.
Messala: In the name of all the gods, Judah, what do the lives of a few Jews mean to you?
Judah: If I cannot persuade them, that does not mean I will help you... murder them. Besides, you must understand this, Messala. I believe in the past of my people, and in their future.
Messala: Future? You are a conquered people.
Judah: You may conquer the land; you may slaughter the people. But that is not the end; we will rise again.
Messala: You live on dead dreams; you live on the myths of the past. The glory of Solomon is gone and you think it will return?. Joshua will not rise again to save you nor David. There is only one reality in the world today. Look to the West, Judah! Don't be a fool, look to Rome!
Judah: I would rather be a fool than a traitor... or a killer!
Messala: I am a soldier!
Judah: Yes! Who kills! For Rome! And Rome is evil!
Messala: I warn you...
Judah: No! I warn you! Rome is an affront to God! Rome is strangling my people and my country, the whole Earth! But not forever. And I tell you the day Rome falls there will be a shout of freedom such as the world has never heard before!
Messala: Judah, either you help me or you oppose me, you have no other choice. You're either for me or against me!
Judah: If that is the choice, then I am against you.

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