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Gaston: [to Maurice, as he's thrown in a carriage] Have you seen the inside of a mad house, Maurice? You wouldn't last a week. Just give me your daughter and I'll set you free.
Maurice: Never.
[Gaston looks mad, closes the carriage door]
Gaston: Take him away!
[D'Arque rides away as Belle returns]
Belle: STOP!! [gets off of Phillippe and runs to Maurice in the carriage] Papa!
Maurice: Oh, Belle! I thought I lost you.
Belle: [turns to D'Arque] Let him out! He's hurt!
D'Arque: We can't do that, miss. But we'll take very good care of him.
Belle: My father's not crazy! [turns to Gaston] Gaston, tell him!
Gaston: You know how loyal, I am your family. But your father's been making some unbelievable claims.
Monsieur Jean: It's true, Belle. He's been raving about a Beast in a castle.
Belle: I've just come from a castle, there is a Beast!
Gaston: You say anything to set him free. Your word is hardly proof!
Belle: You want proof? [uses the magic mirror] Show me the Beast! [the mirror shows the Beast roaring. She shows him to the townspeople, who recoil in fear] There's your proof!
Gaston: This is sorcery! [grabs the magic mirror] Look at this Beast! [He shows the townspeople about the Beast] LOOK AT HIS FANGS! HIS CLAWS!!
Belle: No. Don't be afraid! He's gentle and kind.
Gaston: [turns to Belle] The monster has her under his spell. If I didn't know better, I'd say she even cared for him!
Belle: He's NOT a monster, Gaston! YOU ARE!! [turns to the townspeople] The Beast wouldn't hurt anyone!
Gaston: I've heard of the effects of dark magic, but I've never before seen it with my own eyes! This is a threat to a very existence! We can't have her running off to warn the Beast! Lock her up, too.
[Tom and Dick grabs Belle]
Belle: No!
Tom: Come here!
Belle: NO!
Tom: Shaddup.
Belle: You won't get away with this, Gaston!
[Tom and Dick throws Belle in the asylum carriage]
Maurice: Oh, Belle!
LeFou: [grabs Gaston's arm] Gaston, with all due respect...
Gaston: Do you want to be next? [LeFou is shocked into silence] Fetch my horse. [comes up to the carriage, to D'Arque] Stand guard. Don't let them escape! [to the townspeople] This creature will curse us all if we don't stop him! [the townspeople cheers] WELL, I SAY WE KILL THE BEAST!!!

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