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Maurice: No. I'm sure this is the way. Do you hear those wolves? That means we're getting very close to the castle.
Gaston: Look, enough is enough. We have to turn back.
Maurice: Stop.
[Gaston stops the cart]
Maurice: That's it. There it is. [snaps his finger] That's the tree. I'm sure of it. [gets off the cart] It-it was downed by lightning at the time. But now it's... resumed an upright position through some sort of... magic or other.
LeFou: [to Gaston] You really want to marry into this family?
Maurice: So that means that the... the castle is that - No. No, it's - [motions falling tree with his arm] That way. Definitely... that way.
Gaston: I am done playing this game of yours! Where is Belle?
Maurice: The Beast took her and she...
Gaston: There are no such things as beasts... or talking teacups... or magic! But there are wolves, frostbite, and starvation!
LeFou: [stands up] Deep breaths, Gaston. Deep breaths.
Gaston: [breathes deeply, then turns to Maurice] So, why don't we just turn around, go back to Villeneuve? I'm sure Belle is at home, cooking up a lovely dinner.
Maurice: If you think I've made all this up, then why did you offer to help?
Gaston: Because, I want to marry your daughter! [calms down] Now, let's go home.
Maurice: Belle is not at home! She is with the...
Gaston: [grabs Maurice] You say "Beast" one more time, I WILL FEED YOU TO THE WOLVES!!!!!
LeFou: [tries to stop him] Gaston, stop it! Breathe, think of happy thoughts, go back to the war, blood, explosions, countless widows.
Gaston: Widows...
LeFou: Yes, yes. That's it... [Gaston calms down and LeFou taps his nose] That's it.
Gaston: [turns to Maurice, smiling. Maurice recoils] Maurice! Please forgive me, old bean. That's no way to talk to my future father-in-law, now is it?
Maurice: Future father-in-law?
Gaston: Yeah.
Maurice: You will never marry my daughter.
[Short silence. Gaston furiously punches Maurice in the face, knocking him out]
LeFou: I saw that coming.
[Cut to Gaston tying Maurice to a tree]
Gaston: If Maurice won't give me his blessing, then he's in my way. Once the wolves are finished with him, Belle will have no one to take care of her but ME!
LeFou: For the sake of exhausting all of our options, do we maybe want to consider a slightly less... gruesome alternative?
Gaston: Are you coming?
[LeFou gulps and quickly and hesitantly climbs into the carriage]

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