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[Bean attempts to run away from the LAX security officers after they think he is hiding a gun]
LAX Security Officer 1: Police! Get on him now!
[LAX Security Officers 3 and 4 start to join the chase]
LAX Security Officer 3: Move it!
[Bean takes a walkalator in the opposite direction because he is surrounded]
LAX Security Officer 1: Police! Come on! Come on, watch it! Watch it! Everybody, out of the way! In pursuit of a 415, male with a gun heading into zone 10, terminal 2. Get your people over here now! Get out of the way! Get out of the way! Move it! Move! Move! Move! Police! Coming through!
[LAX Security Officers 2, 5, and 6 taking the same walkalator as Bean]
LAX Security Officer 1: Come on, lady! Watch it! Move! There he is! There he is! Move! Move! Move! Police! everyone on the floor now! [Everybody lies down on the floor including Bean]
Old Woman: Not you, sweetie.
Mr. Bean: Oh, right.
[Bean gets up from the floor and runs but is stopped by four LAX security officers by pointing their weapons at him, with two more arriving at the airport's waiting area, behind Bean, so that he cannot escape]
LAX Security Officer 1: Carefully take out your weapon, holding the butt with two fingers only. Slowly place it on the floor and take three steps back!
[Bean takes out a weapon by placing his hand into his packet, brings it back out in the shape of a gun, and places it on the floor while being surrounded by six LAX security officers, confusing them]
LAX Security Officer 1: What is this?
LAX Security Officer 2: I don't know.
LAX Security Officer 1: Weird.

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