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[The Langleys have a conference discussing Mr. Bean's arrival]
Jennifer Langley: [sarcastically] You're kidding.
David Langley: Come on, it's gonna be great! Let's say there's a chart of the most intelligent people you've ever met in your lives. Well, at number one with the bullet is Dr. Bean.
[The entire family except for David sighs]
David Langley: Kevin, you know how sometimes you ask me questions that I can't answer.
Kevin Langley: Yeah, like "What is an intrauterine device"?
David Langley: I think more like "What's the meaning of life?"
Kevin Langley: I never asked you that.
David Langley: That's fine. It doesn't matter! What I'm saying here is that Dr. Bean is a very remarkable man. [to Jennifer] Hey, for all you know, he could be very cute. [cuts to Bean standing in London raising his eyebrows at the camera and walking off. Cuts back to Jennifer]
Jennifer Langley: Come on, the guy's gonna be a creep. All Englishmen are ugly. I just look at Prince Charles and weep.
David Langley: Okay, so he's gonna look like Meat Loaf's butt.
Jennifer Langley: Yeah, and that's if we get lucky.
[Jennifer prepares to leave the room]
David Langley: Jennifer, no one is asking you to marry him!
Jennifer Langley: I don't know why we have these family conferences if Dad's already made up his mind. [Alison comes out of the kitchen]
Alison Langley: Perceptive child.
Kevin Langley: Hey, what's wrong with Meat Loaf's butt?
David Langley: [stands up and shouts loudly across the room] Oh, come on, everybody! It's gonna be great! Dr. Bean is a genius at the very highest order!

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