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Beaches quotes

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CC Bloom
Hillary Whitney

View Quote (After slapping John's face on her wedding day) This is the happiest day of my life. I don't ever want you to forget it!
View Quote (At 11 years of age) Leona, you've gotta stop - you're ruining my career!
View Quote (To a film director) You've had your head in that frigging monitor the whole time - you haven't said anything about character or motivation. You could be watching a Laker game in there, for all I know!
View Quote (To her dog) Get back, you brain damaged bag of bones, or I'll have you gassed!
View Quote CC: Harry, give us a hand with the bags.
Harry: I've got a bad back.
CC: Ah, you've got a bad attitude!
View Quote Doorman: Congratulations on winning the Tony Award.
CC: Wasn't that something? Did you like my speech? I didn't mean a word of it! Did you see those other broads nashing their teeth? Ha ha, was great, wasn't it?
View Quote Hillary: (Referring to a drunk outside CC's apartment): She could be dead!
CC: Nah! If she was dead, she would've dropped the bottle!
View Quote Hillary: Then you want me to wait for you?CC: Don't you really think you'd ought to wait? I mean, I am dressed like a rabbit.
View Quote Hillary: You did everything you said you were going to do - everything! And your talent - this incredible talent ... I can't even yodel!
CC: Hillary, what's yodeling got to do with it?
View Quote John: Why do you waste your time doing this?
CC: I can't help myself. I love to get dressed up like a rabbit, and go out in public!
John: Well, is there any place I can come and see your work?
CC: I'll be at Gramercy Square Park this afternoon, in a chicken suit!
View Quote Victoria: You smoked when you were my age?
CC: Sure
Victoria: What else did you do?
CC: Whatever they told me not to!
View Quote And your talent, this incredible talent! I can't even yodel!
View Quote Are you ready for your radar, dear?
View Quote But enough about me. What about you? What do you think of me?
View Quote Harry, you're an angel. If your mother hadn't been such a bitch, we could've shared something important.