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View Quote Reporter on TV: [first lines] unprecedented meteor shower falling off the coast of Tokyo. The entire city is mesmerized by this incredible sight. Two hours after the first contact, an unidentified enemy has reached our coastlines in a swift and militaristic attack. Right now one thing is clear: The world is at war.
View Quote Sgt. Major: At 14:46 Pacific Standard Time, 12 different locations around the world were breached, in what appears to be a coordinated attack by an unknown enemy. All breaches were along the coastline, in what is a campaign of rapid dominance. This is a textbook military invasion. There are massive casualties in New York, defensive lines are being setup in Boston, and at 13:15 Zulu Time we lost communications with San Francisco and San Diego, their status is unknown. What we do know is that we are the LAST offensive force on the west coast, we can NOT lose Los Angeles.
View Quote 2ndLt William Martinez: Get them out!
SSgt Michael Nantz: No, I'm not leaving you!
2ndLt William Martinez: Get them out!
SSgt Michael Nantz: No! Not again!
2ndLt William Martinez: I have a bag of C-4 on the bus. Give this to my wife. [hands SSgt. Nantz a piece of paper] And get them off this freeway. That's an order.
SSgt Michael Nantz: Yes, sir.
2ndLt William Martinez: Right behind you.
SSgt Michael Nantz: Cover the lieutenant!
2ndLt William Martinez: Here we go. [into radio] This is Lieutenant William Martinez, Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines. Oorah!
View Quote Moped: [last lines] This is Moped two-three. Who's with me?
Dog Pound: Good morning Moped, Dog Pound two-one one your left.
Snake Eyes: It's good to hear a friendly voice, Dog Pound two-one. This is Snake Eyes joining the fight.
Another: Hey Foxtrot two-one, we're on your six...
Foxtrot: Good morning two-one, this is Foxtrot two-November. Let's take back Los Angeles.
View Quote All right, Lockett. You wanna go there, let's go there. I commanded men and men died. Kids. 19 years old. The best men I ever led. Do you think for a second I wouldn't rather trade places with them? I know you think I got my men killed. They're dead. I'm here. Like the punchline to some bad joke. You think I like that? Do you think a minute goes by that those faces aren't right here, seared into my brain? [points to head]. Dante, Thomas T. Corporal. 1-5-6-5-0-9-3-8-6. Ambruster, William R. Private. 8-7-6-6-6-2-3-5-4. Wharton, Jeffery H. Lance Corporal. 8-7-4-2-7-3-9-9-3. Lockett...Duane G. Corporal. 1-5-6-8-7-0-9... [Lockett: 5-5.] Your brother was an outstanding Marine. He was my friend. And I miss him every day. And you remind me of him. But none of that matters right now. Because our duty is to keep moving forward, to keep fighting. That's how we honour your brother, and Lieutenant Martinez, Corporal Stavrou, Lance Corporal Motolla...Hector's father, who picked up a rifle and did what needed to be done. A civilian did that. So we'd better dang well step it up. Discard any lingering doubt. Work fast, work as a unit and we will prevail. Let's figure out how we're going to get out of this mess. Imlay, you come with me. We need to get to higher ground. The rest of you, find some ammo and some vehicles. There's got to be a few LAVs or armoured Humvees still operational.
View Quote Now be advised, you got 3 hours to get your ass back before those bombs drop, and make no mistake they will drop with or without you. So you get those civilians, you get the heck out of there, and you kill anything that is not human!
View Quote Shit, I'd rather be in Afghanistan.
View Quote Stavro, Harris, the lieutenant needs recon on a bus. If it runs, bring it back here... Either of you know how to hotwire a bus?
View Quote That was some real John Wayne shit, staff sergeant.
View Quote We got an infestation of God-knows-what in there but they are NOT from this Earth and we gotta hit them with everything we got and we gotta hit them hard! They are a ground force enemy only, so the Air Force will tear them a new asshole and we will rule the air!