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[Batman, Robin and Batgirl climb up into the chamber, and Mr. Freeze and Bane are not there]
Robin: No sign of the snowman.
Batgirl: Maybe he melted.
Batman: No, he's just hibernating.
[Batman, Robin, and Batgirl shoot the Bat-Grapple into the ceiling and swing into the controller]
Batman: These heaters will thaw them.
[Batman heat up the scientists. He went past the telescope.]
Batgirl: I hope you've got about ten million more of those little toys.
Robin: Eight more minutes and a city full of Gothamites are ice cubes forever.
Batman: Sunlight could reverse the freezing process.
Batgirl: Sunrise isn't for five hours.
Batman: Here.
Robin: But it's morning in the Congo.
Batman: If we could relay the sunlight-
Robin: From the other side of the Equator-
Batgirl: It'll take the satellites about a minute to re-align, but...damn!
Robin: Damn? Damn's not good.
Batgirl: Those targeting mirrors are frozen. The sun beam won't work.
Batman: Alright, I'll set the telescope. You thaw the mirrors.
[Robin and Batgirl race out of telescope. They begins to thaw the mirrors. Batman get on the main console and types on the keyboard on the world "Targeting". Satellites are tracking through, Back at Observatory. Robin and Batgirl continues to thaw the mirrors. The digital clock reads "11:53" to "11:54", Batman aims the telescope. Suddenly, Mr. Freeze surprises Batman.]
Mr. Freeze: Tonight's forecast...a freeze is coming!
[Freeze grabs Batman and hurls the caped crusader up over his head onto the telescope barrel, using his free hand to yank the telescope control joystick. The telescope tilts sharply downward.]

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