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[first lines]
Mr. Owl: [about the chalk drawing] I must say, class, that this chalk drawing is a lovely surprise. Thank you all very much.
Snail: Franklin did the drawing of you, Mr. Owl.
Mr. Owl: And a fine likeness it is, Snail.
Franklin: Thanks for being such a great teacher.
Beaver: Yeah, we're all kind of sad the school year's over, right guys? [Badger and Goose nod and the bell rings off-screen] [excited] Whoo-hoo! School's out! [grabs her pink backpack] Last one to the bus is a rotten egg.
Snail: [off-screen] Yahoo!
Franklin: [as he runs past Mr. Owl] Let's go!
Bear: Yay!
Mr. Owl: [clears his throat] One moment, please! [Franklin, Bear and Beaver stopped running and turned to Mr. Owl] Everyone have a wonderful summer.
Beaver: [waves goodbye to Mr. Owl] You too, Mr. Owl.
Bear: See ya (next school year)!
[Franklin, Bear and Beaver races out of the school]
Franklin: [off-screen] I think they're done, Harriet. [on-screen when he and Harriet are roasting marshmallows] Now you have to cool them off.
[Franklin blows on a marshmallow and Harriet does the same thing like him. Mr Turtle is eating a corn]
Mr. Turtle: [sighing] I officially declare our annual end of summer barbecue a success.
Mrs. Turtle: [picks up a corn] I can't believe summer's over.
Franklin: Yeah, I didn't do nothing.
Mr. Turtle: [chuckles] That's "I didn't do anything."
[Mrs. Turtle looks at Mr. Turtle]
[Harriet sees some brown leaves in the compost bag]
Harriet: Whatcha doing?
Mr. Turtle: We're tidying up the garden.
Mrs. Turtle: Soon we'll put it to bed for the winter. [dumps the leaves in the bag]
Harriet: It is sleepy?
Mr. Turtle: [chuckles] You can say that. It's worked hard all summer and now it needs some rest.
Mrs. Turtle: Why don't you help us?
Harriet: Uh-uh. Wanna play with Beatrice.
Mrs. Turtle: Beatrice can't come over, Harriet. She starts school today, [off-screen] remember?
Harriet: Then who'll play with me?
Mrs. Turtle: We can after our chores.
Harriet: No! What kid (will play with me)?
[Mrs. Turtle and Mr. Turtle looked at each other]
Miss Koala: My name is Miss Koala.
Snail: [scared] What have you done with Mr. Owl?
Franklin: My name's Franklin, not Turtle.
Miss Koala: Dinkum. I'm sorry. Any other surprises?
[The entire class shakes their heads]
Snail: Australia looks like a weird place.
Miss Koala: Not weird, Snail. Just different.
Bear: Tell us more, Miss Koala.
Miss Koala: Dinkum. Okay, what do you want to know?
Beaver: Well, first... what does "dinkum" mean?
Franklin: Miss Koala asked us to give you this.
Mr. Owl: A book about soccer?
Beaver: She thought you could be our new coach, Mr. Owl.
Mr. Owl: Me? A soccer coach? Well, I don't know, class. I've never done anything like this before.
Snail: But you don't know unless you try, Mr. Owl.
Mr. Owl: Good point, good point.
[last lines]
Mr. Owl: Well, it looks likes I'll be going back to school too. Speaking of which, we'd best get to work. Does anyone mind it I...
Franklin: I'll do it for you, Mr. Owl.
Mr. Owl: Why, thank you, Franklin.
Franklin: [last line of the film; to the chalk drawing of Miss Koala] Goodbye, Miss Koala.
[Franklin erases the chalk drawing of Miss Koala as the camera zooms out of the school house]

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